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  1. Of course it's not what Dovetail wants, but it's how it turns out to be. P3D is the more serious replacement of FSX and the platform that the more serious simmers prefer. Of course there's also a role for FSW, that's the starter and the less serious simmer. FSW, being on Steam, has a far wider market offset than P3D which is hardly known outside the flightsimming community. As a regular non-flightsimmer you're far more likely to stumble upon FSW than P3D, and that's good. In that way FSW has it's role in attracting new flightsimmers. But once they get more serious they hear about P3D and they move on. Personally, I don't see how P3D would be more realistic or serious compared to FSX. It isn't. The seriousness of sim (whatever that might be in the first place) is in the eye of the beholder. That's a marketing thing; simmers like to match reality as much as possible with that romantic real-pilot-for-a-night vibe around it. By marketing P3D as only to be used by real pilots or men who are training to be real pilots they generate an inclusive and distinguished experience. That's great by the way and does no harm, but is just an illusion ofcourse. Whether someone's using P3D, FSX, XP11 of FSW, nobody's getting his paychecks signed by KLM because of it, we're still sitting behind our desks in between the washingmachine and the boiler and we won't have our ATPL's valid when landing a PMDG NGX. ;-) So what's 'serious simming' to begin with. Grtz., Hans
  2. I've been thinking of an answer for a few days now. I've abandoned FSW and stick to FSX:SE for a few reasons. Some are probably specific for my system since not everyone suffers the same things, but for me my system is what counts. The look and feel of the sim is very much the same as FSX. Sure, under the hood it is fixed up in many ways, but apart from some effects (the twitching gauges and needles, some light effects) all is the same. For now they're the unique sellingpoints of FSW, but to me that's just to small a difference to leave my FSX investments behind. If I am to switch platforms I am going for that shock-and-awe feeling; the wow-factor! I want to have the feeling that I am experiencing what I know, but then times ten! (A bit fague, I know, but it's a feeling of excitement I'm going for.) After all, I have a pretty stable and well functioning FSX with a lot of money involved in it that I leave behind when switching. So 'this better be good'. For now, to me, it's not nearly good enough to trigger that effect. I had that feeling with XP10 for example, which is my second platform. And there's, for me, the other thing. For now there's nothing in FSW that isn't covered or matched in XP10. Both lack the PMDG-like aircraft and weathe engine for example and tweaking-wise XP10 performs way better. For me the idiot-proof settingsscreen in FSW (and XP11) is something that holds me back. I will give FSW another chance when it's finished. But from what I've seen now I find it 'more of the same', but without the features that would make enough difference to leave previous investments behind. Grtz., Hans
  3. Reconfigure your controll settings, the axis are probably bound to some other non-default commands. Easiest way is to use FSUIPC, but I'm not sure if that's a paid feature. Grtz., Hans
  4. Grab 'em by the zipfile. But let's not get too political... ;-)
  5. Aerosoft have their own forum where you can post issues like this as well. Maybe that's the most transparant track when you want to address things like this. ;-) Grtz., Hans
  6. Actually, we can consider ourselves lucky. Most of the developers are working to get 64-bit versions and new installers ready and hardly anyone will ask for additional money. So, for most it's not much more cost than the sim itself and may be some more RAM. Considering that we had to buy everything from scratch for the switch from FS2004 to FSX, we get a pretty sweet deal this time. That depends. I have pretty big investments in FSX add-ons. Since P3D v3 had its issues and instabilities I didn't bother to shift platforms. So I'm very curious about transferability from FSX:SE to FSW from an addon perspective. Since commerce is definately a factor in this (and there's nothing wrong with that btw, 'chimneys need to smoke') I fear the worst. Grtz., Hans
  7. The thing is, I received the Windows 10 Creators update yesterday. I noticed a drop in fps as well at some point where I didn't notice it before. It dropped from a steady 28-30 to a 14-16. I updated my graphic drivers to the last version and it was gone. So maybe it's the drivers, maybe it's some changes in Windows that affects the drivers, but it's worth a try.
  8. Hm. Do you assume that, or did you actually check that in the Windwos update history (just checking). Does it happen in default aircraft as well? Did you crank up any scenery settings? Or did you tweak them before via the .cfg file and had the FSX-settings menu opened in the sim (in which case some of the tweaks will be removed by automation which will cause a drop in performance ofcourse)? Something must have changed, otherwise all would be the same. Sometimes it's just hard to find out whodunnit. Ideas anyone? Grtz., Hans
  9. Received any software updates recently? (Windows? Drivers?) Grtz., Hans
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