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  1. Hi, After l updated to X-Plane 11 EGLL the latest version, l am getting this blue ground texture. I have deleted it, then re-installed but it keeps showing. Any ideas ??. Many thanks Steve
  2. Hi Heniz, I bought Airport London-Heathrow XP from http://www.flightsimstore.com/ which has now closed down. My question is will l still get the free update??, if so from where. Many thanks Steve
  3. Hi Mario, Is there any new's on an update, l am finding more problems. Please see the screenshots, l am seeing just vehicle lights and no vehicles I am getting alot of straight lines. The grey lines are from the invisible vehicles. Regards Steve
  4. Hi Mario, Here you go, I hope this helps. Regards Steve X-Plane Installer Log.txt
  5. Hi Mario, Is there any news on Heathrow update for X-plane 11, now it's been released. l am still getting the flickering textures on buildings, also l am seeing airport vehicles looking like ghosts. Do you think there will be an update on the new terminal 1 building, currently being built. Regards Steve (UK)
  6. Hi There, I bought X-Plane 11 today, then l installed Aerosoft Heathrow. I see that lots of the buildings are flickering, do you think there will be an update for X-Plane 11. Many thanks Steve (UK)
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