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  1. Whenever the subject is Xbox Controller, there is always someone who comes to complain that people are using an Xbox Controller as if they were committing a crime. I always ask myself: Why? There are people who use only the keyboard to play MSFS and they are enjoying it. How? I don't know, but I'm not keep saying that they shouldn't just use the keyboard. If they have purchased the simulator, they have the right to use as they wish and using the peripherals that they want. And a good aircraft addon should work with any peripheral people can use, included the keyboard I think some people just want to find an excuse to show off their $2000 setup with hoje, thrust levers, rudder pedals and say this is the bare minimum to enjoy MSFS. No kidding, I've seen people doing this on the MSFS forum
  2. Doing some tests, I found that the tiller and the rudder works partially using the Xbox Controller triggers. If you fully press the trigger, the tiller and the rudder doesn't work, but if you press gently, the tiller and the rudder works and the aircraft turns. So the problem is: When you fully press the triggers, the rudder and the tiller don't work. There is also zero movement or animation of the nose landing gear, rudder pedals and the rudder when using the triggers, despite the aircraft (partially) responding to the inputs.
  3. I'm having the same issue. Looks like the CRJ doesn't recognize very well the 'Rudder Axis Left' and 'Ruder Axis Right' joystick assignments that are used by the Xbox Controller. There was an MSFS update that split the trigger axis in two (one for each trigger). Before that, it was just one axis controlled by the two triggers. CRJ recognizes the 'Rudder Axis' assignment and it works well, but it's not possible to set up the triggers using the 'Ruder Axis' because they are two different axes and the 'Rudder Axis' only accepts one.
  4. I love that the aircraft hasn't even been released and there are people already criticizing it because they found a bug on live streams.
  5. Not exactly all routes, but you can go on FlightRadar24, click on 'Filters', change to Aircraft type (ICAO), type 'CRJ' , click in ''New Filter' and you will see all the CRJs that are flying at the moment.
  6. The A330 works just fine with payware scenery and AI Traffic for me too. The problem is the A320/A321, which is using a lot of VRAM.
  7. So, what kind of effects does the A320 have that the A330 doesn't? I believe that the A330 basically uses the same RealLight and consumes much less VRAM.
  8. My Aerosoft A320/A321 is using all of my GPU memory (Radeon RX 570 4GB), even on minimum settings, default scenery and 0% AI traffic, which ends up causing OOM problems seconds after loading. I also have the Aerosoft A330, which uses less than half of GPU memory on medium settings. So I think it might be a bug or something. Is there any way to fix this?
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