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  1. Hello there, I have barely discovered Flightplan Visualizer when misclicking a link, but I am so glad I did! It gives me a very simple, quick and graphical way to explore real airlines schedules. It is extremely useful and I get to discover new destinations I wouldn't have flown to before. From now on I'm going to use it as a pre-planner tool. Thank you for this and keep up the great work, it's awesome! Have a great day and of course happy new year 2019 to you ! šŸ˜Š
  2. Although it's not going to be released, it's still a pleasure to know we are a step further and closer to the actual release of the buses.
  3. A dream would be to have the first officer to be physically in the virtual cockpit, moving according to FS2Crew
  4. I would prefer to have it as a pop-up menu. Does not look the best but to me ground connections and options have not much to do in the MCDU, as it is not realistic and we can't use an MCDU at some moments. Plus, a pop-up can be used in external view and has the advantage to be exactly like how the devs want it. But again that's how I imagine and would see it.
  5. Thank you for the update, much appreciated. I was just wondering if you managed to perform some performance tests as you stated a few weeks ago ?
  6. Good day, I've been talking a look at this thread every once in a while since a moment now, and as time is going by, I get more and more excited about the family you are going to release in the next months ! So please keep up the good work, and take your time for the release. I've also been wondering something. I usually plan my flights with Simbrief and use ToPS or TOPCAT for all the calculations. The problem is, whenever I calculate a FLEX temperature, there is a mismatch with the N1, the V-Speeds and sometimes the trim setting given in TOPCAT and in the FMS / MCDU (I fly with the Airbus X extended and the PMDG 737). I know it can't always be the exact same, but sometimes there's such a big difference and I'm not sure if I could takeoff safely with those values. I assume there's an issue with my profiles though. I just wanted to know, if you will release profiles for PFPX and TOPCAT, or if you could just give us the value you are using (PAX weight, DOW, TOW, etc..) in order for the MCDU calculations ? Sorry if this has already been answered before, I've been looking for an answer but haven't found one.
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