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  1. A bit late maybe Marc, but I also came to the conclusion that the way to proceed is: Look behind the yoke (possible when AP is not on); switch on the 2 tip tank pumps; leave the front and aft pumps open and the fuel selector switch to both. The tip tanks will run empty first. You get a lot of warnings about critical fuel level (if you have flying tips on), but don't mind. When there is 1.1 left in each tip tank, fuel flow automatically comes from the main tanks. But everytime when you reload the aircraft, the procedure has to be done before you start flying. Imagine what happens if you pull the yoke with no AP on..... Thanks for all your help. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Mark This is what I found out until now: When you start the sim with the twin otter, you can indeed put the yoke down and the 2 tip tank gauges + switches become visible. When you switch them on + switch the main pumps off, the fuel from the tip tanks streams to the engine. But once the aircraft is flying or even back on the ground there is no way I can get the joke that far down to see the tip tank gauges again. So in order to see the fuel consumption I always have to go to the menu fuel and payload and check the situation over there. Is there really no other way? When the tip tanks get empty, I switch the main tank pump(s) on + the knob to instruct what tank to take the fuel from. Watch, first switch the pumps on otherwise the engine stops. But I get the impression that switching the main tanks on or off, not always has an effect on from which tank the fuel goes to the engine. I can live with a bit of experimenting, but that I can't get a look at the tip tank gauges anymore is simply annoying. Or am I missing any updates? How can I see that? Thanks for your effort. Marcel
  3. Any luck on trying this one out Mark?
  4. OK Mark I tried things out. I found the boost pump switches and switched them on. But on the flight I made, they did not seem to go empty. Moreover once in the air, it became impossible to put the joke that low, that they became visible again. So I have no way to check what is happening. Only via the top aircraft menu (fuel and payload). And as I said they remained full. Any other tips and tricks to get control of them? They represent over 70 gall of fuel, which is more than an hours flight. That is important on longer flights. Thanks for your efforts.
  5. Which one do you mean Mark?
  6. Thank you Marc. I'll try that out.
  7. In FSX the Otter has 2 tip tanks (R+L). How can I switch to use the fuel in those tanks? The fuel tank switch only allows me to go from center to center 1. Or did I oversee anything? Thanks for your reaction.
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