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  1. I got that "issue" as i renamed the crj folder to be matched up with the navigraph fms data manager ( that was the reason if i remember correctly). After the install of the update i deleted the old one and renamed the new installed one as it was before the update. But if you do not change or rename things you should be good to go
  2. Thanks for the info. I will just check the ECS page for the packs operation. No big deal for now Greetings
  3. Should the buttons be lit in some way when you turn off the packs by mistake? An "OFF" label would be great
  4. yeah. then have a nice weekend. version is downloadable
  5. For what I know, the N1 should not be linked to whether or not anti ice ist s enabled. But i think anti ice is switched on during takeoff (affects perfomance calculations) under certain icing conditions, otherwise is kept off while not in flight
  6. Kind of hotfix would be great addressing this issue and the rest of the update stuff maybe treated seperately. Looking forward to fly this plane normally
  7. Ja, es war die Einstellung der Schräglage. Wie ich die allerdings aus Versehen vermurkst hab, ist mir schleierhaft - muss irgend n shortcut-key gewesen sein. egal, läuft ja :-)
  8. gerad geschehen Danke @Heinz Flichtbeil
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