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  1. Hello, I purchased the Aerosoft F-14 extended back in September last year (2017), installed it and enjoyed it fully. Recently I made a hardware change to my computer (changed motherboard, added hard drive, moved windows onto new hard drive, changed CPU, changed RAM) as a result of this I have had to reinstall P3D (v3) along with my addons. I reinstalled the F-14 only to find that when entering the sim, the wings will not sweep (the lever will move but no sweep takes place), the throttles will not move in cockpit (actual engine rpm will change when real life throttles are moved though), the air speed indicator on both HUD and gauge do not change and the flaps (both lever and actual) will not change whatsoever. I have tacpack installed and all of its features seem to work. So far the only thing that gets the wings to sweep is setting the aircraft to cold and dark state which sweeps the wings fully forward, from there they cannot be moved. In addition, when the aircraft is set to cold and dark, engine sounds do not cease and remain as if they are fully started. Because the only way I've been able to use the aircraft is with wings over swept back, no airspeed indicator and no flap control, the actual amount of flying I have done has been limited, subsequently there could very well be other large issues that I haven't played enough to observe yet. The strangest thing about this is that many aspects of the module work completely fine, and there are no error messages to be found in any facet of P3D or any relevant software.
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    Wing Sweep

    Hi, I'm having the same issue, did you ever find a solution?
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