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  1. vali, NASA callled, they want you to return their super-computer...ha ha. NICE rig, I bet it runs P3Dv4.1 really well! Just a suggestion for you: Several years ago my desktop unit was running a 4 disk RAID 0+1 array for system disk, and when the RAID controller went south it corrupted the entire array and I lost everything, with no current backup. I was running what I thought was a bullet-proof RAID config, that would allow loss of up to two disks simultaneously, and could still be rebuilt. Unfortunately, no RAID config is bullet-proof if it can be corrupted by a faulty RAID controller - LESSON LEARNED! Make those images of your system array. Regards,
  2. somiller

    What a disaster

    Actually, I should have been more specific...I uninstalled the crj. Maybe will reinstall if they fix the problems, but until that time I'm not going to waste my time as an alpha-test guinea pig.
  3. Highly unlikely it's install related, as there are multiple posts of some of the OP's issues...specifically the heading hold pop-up. I have experienced it, and can reliably repeat it when flying the included KLAX-KMRY tutorial. One would have thought beta testing would have included flying the very tutorial that comes with the product. Unfortunately, the reason I had to switch to heading mode was because of an inexplicable departure from the flight plan by the autopilot in nav mode...while flying the tutorial. It's almost comical how bad the guidance systems are on this aircraft. As for the taxi speed, I don't know that I've seen it accelerate to 30 kts at idle, but I have noticed many instances of acceleration in idle, but I usually apply brakes to slow it down...never just let it go to see how fast it would go.
  4. It's a shame the crj was released as a pre-beta product. It certainly has potential, but until it is capable of flying a flight plan, it's really just a brick with engines and wings. I guess a product that functions as advertised is too much to expect for 60 bucks. I feel like a complete moron for buying this garbage...I shoulda listened to the posts about all the problems. Unfortunately, I bought from simmarket, so no possibility of a return/refund. Into the barn it goes, and NEVER again another aerosoft product!