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  1. No, I am not a troll. I've been active in the flightsim community for many years and have developed a number of freeware sceneries for FSX. I have also purchased several Aerosoft products over the years and have always been impressed with the quality of the products. The language I used in my critique was overly harsh and for this I apologize. My criticism, i.e. that development of the A330 has been excessively slow, I still believe is valid. I have indeed been following this thread, and the original deleted one, about the A330 development, for *years*, although I admit that I have not read every single post and I have not read any posts over the last several months. Frankly, I became so disillusioned with the constant delays of release that I simply gave up and stopped following as it was always the same old teases but nothing ever concrete. My memory isn't perfect, but I am 99% certain that developers in the original A330 forum stated that it would be released in 2018, but then it was delayed yet again. Moreover, the A330 development forum has existed for several years. The internal knowledge that you have that it has only been in actual development this year, well, I and others could not know this, so I take offense to you essentially calling me a liar. I really hope that you do release it before year's end as I will be an enthusiastic buyer. Thank you.
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