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  1. Hey Guys, From all the great features built-in into the AS A3XX Fleet there is one missing for me personally. I have always loved hearing the cabin-crew announcements while taxiing in the majestic dash q400 or even in the upcoming fs-labs a320 vor p3d v4. Wouldn´t it be possible for guys to implement this feature into the new busses ? Cheers, Ahmed Al-Dabbass
  2. I think specifically on my computer gsx isn't even recognizing the CRJ 700/900. When I go to the Dropdown Menu and select GSX and then CONFIGURE AIRCRAFT it says MY LABEL ( or something like that ) and not CRJ 700/900
  3. Didn't find the post over at FSDT. Can u send me a link ?
  4. Hi there, So far I am loving the CRJ 700/900 but there is one thing that is bothering me... GSX does not work at all with this Airplane. When boarding/deboarding the stairs completely misalign and when extending the stairway they shoot up in the sky like a rocket ( quit funny actually ). Baggage loading/unloading doesnt work at all and is not recognizing any of the cargo doors. Jetways misalign aswell.... I have V1.0.0.5 installed. Is there a solution to this problem yet ? Ahmed Al-Dabbass
  5. Lets try and stay friendly ok ? I think an I7 7700k along with an 1080 should be more than enough to handle the CRJ 700/900......
  6. Hi there, Am I the only one that feels like the CRJ is a bit low quality regarding wings and some parts of the cockpit ?. Would it be possible to release an HD pack ? Ahmed Al-Dabbass
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