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  1. I've been continuing my work on this in P3D and I've taken a few shots today to show progress:-


    Marine Services is now back and it is just as well that it is built on stilts, as the water has moved back a bit in P3D.


    I've swept up all the weeds and the float plane docks are back and also the seagulls.


    The Whales in Russell Fjord are back and also all the Marine lights, buoys and beacon towers.


    This seagull is pushing his luck!


    I have now managed to get real water into my "Hell's Gate" ravine...I was unable to do that in FS9 and just painted it.


    Gerrish's trees had to go as they do not work well in P3D so I will need to think what I am going to put round the F-16 pans.


    The Green Girder bridge is back but all the airport terminals have gone and I will replace them with more modern ones.


    The Staff Car Park is back and I have kept the Jetways but they may need to move to fit the new Terminal Buildings.


    Touching down on McLeland SPB.


    Taxying in and...


    ...back where I started.

    Thanks for looking :)

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  2. Found this neglected old place...


    ...with all these weeds and junk lying around...


    ...even the odd clapped out vehicles.


    The rich men's houses over there at Turf Green seem to be in good order.


    I couldn't resist cleaning up the brass plate before I left.


    Farewell for now but obviously the old place needs a bit of TLC!

    Thanks for looking :)

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  3. Well I just looked at the video and various promos and was extremely impressed...till I saw the price. Also, I have an aversion to low flying over a photograph like in Switzerland Professional in FS9. Photo scenery may be very good for frame rates but not for realism. I think flying over a photo can only look realistic with a bit of altitude.

  4. Mathijs...That is a question that I can't really answer because I don't use FSX...I only installed FSX as a receiver for scenery. So I really can't compare to two. I can say that I find P3D both fast and smooth but I leave the Frame Rate unlimited and if I have it visible then it hops around with the changing scenery as you would expect but it varies in the Sitka area from about 14 to 58 but very smooth aeroplane handling.

    It was a mistake to install Tongass Fjords in FSX instead of P3D and then to just point to it in P3D's Scenery Library. You would obviously know that this can not work as TF is a complex scenery which when installed places many extras like Terrain.cfg mods and effects and AI Aircraft etc etc. so merely pointing the Scenery Library at a scenery folder elsewhere can't possibly work. I did the same with Pacific North West and was disenchanted with the results, so I will install it properly today into P3D. I'm beginning to think that I didn't really need FSX...Just a concrete way of forcing scenery to install elsewhere so that I can see what to transfer in or Directly into P3D if allowed. I look forward to Version 2 of P3D and I'm keeping my installers for scenery so that I can put it in again.

    I have to say that I am probably the only one that actually enjoys flying FLIGHT best so when I have got P3D working to my satisfaction, I shall be off back to Flight for my flying enjoyment until P3D v2 comes out next year.

  5. The install of Tongass also modifies the terrain.cfg. Thats the reasen for your ocean and forest problem. Like Ultimate Terrrain and ORBX, Tongass is also modifying the landclass entries. It's adding 40 custom texture entries.

    By the way, VancouverPlus also modifies the terrain.cfg

    So my Tongass Fjords is now only in FSX and displays correctly. My only link to the scenery in P3D is through the scenery library. However, the scenery is perfect in FSX and still as shown in these shots in P3D...I could copy the Terrain.cfg file from FSX to P3D and see if that would fix it?

  6. Peter I think you should recheck your install of Tongass Fjords, it works as in FSX for me. Are you just linking P3D's scenery library to the scenery installed in FSX?

    Yes I am linking to the scenery in FSX but I did also copy in the FSAddon Folder with it's contents...Do you think I should take that folder out of P3D again?

  7. I got the FSX Beaver working nicely in P3D today and took a few pics at Sitka:-


    Here is the Beaver...It was reluctant to turn in the water but a made a few adjustments and it seems OK now. The reflection shows a lack of buildings on the foreshore and there should be parts of the floats showing.


    Lifting the camera a little cause the aircraft reflection to vanish. Again there are no buildings reflecting.


    The wake and spray looks very good.




    ...and the reflection recaptured by lowering the camera angle.


    Here it is from ahead but note the lack of buildings in the reflection.


    All those trees the far side of Sitka runway should not be there...


    ...and nor should all that forested terrain below me...It should be Ocean!

    The scenery is Tongass Fjords and it looks just fine in FSX where it is installed but referenced here in P3D the Ocean is invaded by all this forrested terrain.

    Thanks for looking :)

  8. Thanks Kyle...This all started as a printed and bound booklet that I made for the surviving 208 Squadron pilots that you saw in those pictures taken half a century ago. I printed and posted them to all the survivors...14 copies. Sadly a couple of them have since passed on. They were all very pleased to receive this memento of a wonderful period in their lives.

    I have since made it into a PowerPoint presentation, then a Keypoint Presentation for iPad and now that PDF file...I'm pleased that you have enjoyed it :)

  9. HunterLoop2.jpg

    A while ago I published a Keynote file "208 Squadron in Kenya for the iPad"...However, that needed an iPad and an App called Keynote to run.

    Here is a PDF version that can be viewed on a PC and also on an iPad in the built in iBooks app...It has over 170 pictures (A few more than my original PowerPoint presentation) and the download is 42 mbs:-


    I hope some people will be entertained by it...There are no transition effects or music but the picture quality is good :)

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