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  1. yeah, i figured it out that it was just a simple mute button on the p3d it self.... total idiot. sorry to waste anyone's time on this. GREAT GREAT product!
  2. Hey, so loaded everything up. everything is working great except i get zero engine sounds. Apu sound is working well, just no engines inside or out side. I have read some others had the same problem and resolved it by reinstalling. I tried this twice with my antivirus off and still not working. Thanks!
  3. The whole true light and true glass may not seem that important. but when youre in the sim it honestly adds to the immersion for me anyway. I always feel a little more stressed when i fly int he rain in my cessna at school, now simming at home and you actually have good rain textures. i can feel that same stress. albeit its fun unlike at school where im getting graded. haha But everything looks great!
  4. maybe check your tilt? or is it the RA altimeter that sets it off? maybe check your settings in the tablet?
  5. Well, Why would you NOT re do the code for a all new 64bit sim? Plus aerosoft is not begging you to buy this product, They are creating a quality product for us to purchase and enjoy. Everyone crying and mad that its not ready now? seriously.. i am amazed that some people are able survive and take care of them selves..haha
  6. so.. system wise, is it a steep learning curve for the a330? or is it pretty similar to the a320 series? Obviously there will be different quirks and things since its a different plane. Is it fairly intuitive?
  7. I just got a touch screen asus. I was thinking it would be more helpful. but not really. lol. but i just got my big stack of JEPP charts for school, so i used those today in the sim and worked great!
  8. Well... the people who cant grasp this who are fluent english speakers "since this is all english" are just plain simple minded people... Its an easy concept to grasp. that a lot of work is being put into these planes and AS wants the best product for us to enjoy with out a ton of problems... Problems appear randomly... it really irks me when people just come on here and rant useless nonsense because "it was stated about this but its not coming and i want it now" .. It is almost like i am in the active duty marine corps again with a bunch of turds.... anyway i love you AS team. keep up the good work and i am ready to pull the trigger on purchasing all of your planes when they roll out lol Oh, if this hurt some of you ranters feelings.. then good, you probably need to re evaluate your self.
  9. i got super excited when i couldnt find the a330 haha oh well. i sold one of my laco watches to afford all these new goodies! so im excited now either way!!
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