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  1. Windows settings, time and language tab. Cyrille
  2. Disregard, I found out, it was because the window was completely reduced, by dragging the sides, it comes back... Cyrille
  3. Good morning, I do not know what I did and how I did it, but when I hopen PFPX, I get what's in the picture. Any one could help me to revert it back how it was before? Many thanks. Cyrille de LATTRE
  4. Good morning, I have uninstalled all aerosoft version A330 and A32x family, rebooted and re installed only the last version of the A330, Flew a round trip from UUEE to EHAM, rebooted and EHAM to UUEE. On the first leg, managed descent was to tally out of its mind, I have had to do everything in open desc and or VS to avoid being too low too soon... So I decided to give it another flight and on the way back I have seen normally the green dot descending and the initial part of managed descent was fine but never respected the profile and the aircraft was constantly adjusting the path. but when leveled you could re engage the managed descent to a lower level with of course the same problem. then comes another problem. At one point there is a speed restriction of 180Kt, but I am approaching flaps 0. Normally, what ever the speed restriction is the airbus cannot go lower than green dot in clean configuration. that said, as you will see in the screen shot I took, after the speed restriction point, you can see the aircraft accelerating to green dot. Upon landing, I am experiencing the bug of reverse not engaging, as described in a lower post of this forum, but for a preceding version. If any one as an Idea I would be grateful. Cyrille de LATTRE
  5. Ok I have to apologies, the Q was pressed, although I do not recall having used it at all today but I did used it yesterday to watch a movie while on cruise... but ... Anyway all is back to normal, meanwhile could you tell me what is the use of Mute on Lost Focus knowing that I never use anything else than Vatsim to fly. No AI Cyrille
  6. I have also noticed I have no sound on the outside views... Cyrille
  7. Good morning, and Merry Christmas to all, I have done one flight with the A330 and so far so good, I am actually performing my real second one from cold and dark, but I am experiencing exactly the same as the short test flight I did yesterday. All none engine sounds are working correctly, but startup and shutdown plays no sounds, and the beautiful whistling engine sounds coming on and off when adding power now comes as an all or nothing for 10 seconds. Basically I have no more engine sounds. The version I have is via the aerosoft updater. Also I have red everywhere that it must not be installed in the P3D folder, but the installer never gave me the option to install it anywhere else than in Add-on Path: E:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional. Thanks for your help Cyrille de LATTRE
  8. Yeah, saw that after i have red the message above yours... My apologies... All good now!
  9. Although it might be a connection problem, as if select AS as weather source, it works. But on the other end, the connection test is OK for Vatsim and IVAO. Cyrille
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