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  1. This is what I'm getting if I try the "Text-Menu Command" under the SODE menu; this is despite having the right AJS_EGLL_SODE.XML file
  2. I am running into an issue where at two gates (that I know of so far), GSX is unable to operate the SODE jetways. After some digging, I realized that this is because in the SODE.XML for this scenery, the gates are misnumbered. What in real life (and on the AFCAD) is stand 238 is, in the XML file, stand 237. Likewise, stand 239 is designated 238 in the .XML file.
  3. So I'm running into an issue where if I try to input coordinates that begin with N (e.g. 5330N/08000w, which translates to N5180) it doesn't work. I recall being able to put these coordinates in in previous versions, so I'm wondering what changed.
  4. The ones that I'd like would be (all for the A330-300RR): C-GFAF -- Air Canada (New Livery) A330-343 C-GHLM -- Air Canada (Star Alliance cs) A330-343 Any of the Air China A330-343s OO-SFB -- Eurowings (opby Brussels Airlines) -- OO-SFX -- Brussels Airlines (Tomorrowland Sticker) A330-343 Any of the EgyptAir A330-343s D-AIKL -- Lufthansa (Ingolstadt) A330-343 LN-RKU -- SAS Scandinavian Airlines (Helge Viking) A330-343 Any of the Singapore Airlines A330-343s Any of the South African Airways A330-343s HB-JHI -- Swiss (Geneve) A330-343 CS-TOW -- TAP (Portugal Stopover cs) A330-343 TC-JNH -- Turkish Airlines (Topkapi) A330-343 TC-JNJ -- Turkish Airlines (Kapadokya) A330-343
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