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  1. Hi! I have flown the Airbus family for FSX for a while, and just recently decided to upgrade to P3D v4, and Airbus Professional bundle. The NAV on the autopilot won’t set. Even after I have followed all the procedures, and set the FMC, the auto NAV won’t work. It will activate when I press it, but the plane won’t turn or stay on course. It just keeps the plane going in a straight line. Anyone know how I can fix this, or am I doing something wrong procedures wise? Thanks, Eric
  2. Hi again! Thanks for your suggestion about the yaw damper, I turned it on, and now the autopilot will engage. Once again thank you, and have enjoy your day!
  3. Hi! I does say yaw damper on one of the screens, but the dampers are on. I have attached a picture of the yaw damper panel, could you please tell me if I have it set wrong, because I have tried to press the buttons, but nothing happens? Thanks! 2018-1-27_7-17-17-293.BMP
  4. Hi! I just purchased the CRJ today, and I took it for a test flight. When I got in the air and tried to turn the autopilot on, it didn't and just the sound of the autopilot disengaging was played. Does anyone know of how I might be able to fix this, or maybe I'm not doing something? Thanks!
  5. Hi! Does anyone know where I can find a A319 or A320 Air Canada 2017/ new livery for the Aerosoft Airbus collection? Thanks!
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