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  1. Amazing job!!! Thanks a lot. Raffaele
  2. Hi masterhawk, There no mayor improvement on the set that you already prepared some months ago. Lights are still yellow instead of withe and the radius is incredibly small. The apron is totally dark at night. I can't believe we waited more than one year to get this... Please have a look yourself when you have time... Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I thinks to have install the patch correctly, and if yes, I think that we are still a bit far from to be acceptable. Just a bit. As you can see below the apron ( in a dark day with no moon ) are simply too dark. The light radius coming from the light are much smaller than in the reality. If you need it I can take some night shot of the apron to show you the right radius. Sorry to continue to bother you but I usually land in night time in real life ( more than 20 times a year ) and the apron is not that dark. Hope you can tweak a bit more the light radius. Best regards Raffaele
  4. Finger crossed... Try to prioritize a bit, we're waiting since long time....
  5. Hi Mathijs, is there any chanche to have another fix that cover the points I had highlithed on my post above. Don't misunderstanding me the patch works as expected and masterhawk did a great job but I feel that some corrections are still needed. The scenery is awsome but at night the apron is simply too dark. I can send you some real photo of the airport if needed. Raffaele
  6. Understood, thanks for your effort...
  7. Hi, the patch works as shown. Thanks! Few things: Dont'n know if is related to P3d or scenery but is it feasible to enlarge light radius? There are plenty of parts of the apron totally dark.. I really often land here ( several every month on real life ) and it's not so dark. Is it feasible to better match the color temparature of the apron lamps and the light on ground? Again thanks Raffaele
  8. I applied this hotfix: I had the same behaviour of the guys here: If you can share your workaround would be appreciated since aerosoft cannot fix it.... Same aprom after appling the patch posted in the hotfix:
  9. Mathijs do you have any news on this topic?
  10. Mathijs please give us a real answer, last fix ( partial with no light on ground ) is dated more then one year and half ago... I can’t believe that a company like yours can’t fix a small scenery after this enormous amount of time... On night time the scenery is unusable.... thanks
  11. Did you get something back from developers? thanks
  12. Hi, I’d like to know, if after more than an year and half, the scenery is going to be patched.... The apron are totally dark... https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/130155-limj-and-limc-vs-p3d-v41/ thanks
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