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  1. Thankyou for the welcome and the info. It does sound like this will be the perfect aircraft then for my step up to the big boys, just watched the latest Video from The dude, and will admit I’m rather impressed by the detail I’m seeing. Obviously I’m just a sim pilot with next to no real life experience in a cockpit, so can only go on what I’ve seen with other sim addons, but there does certainly seem to be enough here to keep me intrested and give that nice learning curve that I do so enjoy. Think it’s fair to say, I’ve just found my next aircraft purchase.
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I am primarily a GA sim pilot with many hours simming from DCS to FSX, P3D, Xplane and now MSFS2020. I tend to prefer more complex simulations such as aircraft from A2A, but I’ve never really delved into the world of airliner simulation. I’ve recently I.E. a month ago started using the Fly by wire mod of the A320Neo in 2020 and surprisingly found that I really enjoyed flying airliners as opposed to my normal low and slow flights across the scenery. So I’m looking into how I can advance that experience and knowledge. I stumbled across a few videos by The dude a few days ago showing off this aircraft addon, and I have to admit it’s rather peaked my intrest. As I gather the gentleman doing these vids is a real world pilot himself and it certainly appears that this a a true complex simulation of the CRJ. Can you guys confirm that I’m right in that assumption, and basically would this be a good airliner for me to cut my teeth on, to break into this part of the simulation world. I’ve only really ever used Aerosoft to purchase Hardware or airport scenery in the past, so not ever looked at any of their aircraft before, so don’t know where they scale in terms of complexity, personally I’m after as complex as possible as I adore learning as much as is possible in a home simulation about operating aircraft.
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