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  1. Will this have interior wing views? One thing I've really liked with the default airliners is the small details (scratches on windows, sun glare at certain angles etc) when looking from the cabin.
  2. Wow! That looks amazing. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a payware aircraft! Will be instantly buying this one day one
  3. Agree. The CRJ can't come soon enough. I've stopped using MSFS until the CRJ releases. It'll be the ideal plane for the Sim. All those small regional airports are absolutely perfect for this aircraft. Fingers and Toes crossed it releases before Christmas!
  4. I've got to admit I searched around for some HD CRJ takeoffs and couldn't see any noticeable wingflex. Take the below for example. Mounted camera so the angle remains the same and very very little wingflex on takeoff. Certainly not worth a 10% FPS hit IMHO.
  5. Will we have a preview of the 900 or 1000 anytime soon? Would love to see how they look in the Sim 😊
  6. Hi Hans and Mathijs, just wondering if we can expect a progress update sometime soon? Very excited for this product and eager to follow it's development! 😁
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