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  1. Hi, I thought I'd share this video I made a while ago, should be pretty enjoyable to us CRJ pilots
  2. Don’t expect too spectacular performance from AP in such situations. I’ve heard from several CRJ pilots that the real plane starts to have trouble holding alt and may deviate 200 ft if a kid starts running around the cabin from one end to other. Then they ask the FA to block the activity ☺️
  3. Hi, Since I use my real flying ANR headset in Vatsim and Pilotedge I really love the FS headphone simulation mode. However it seems like the aurals and callouts come at a lower volume than they should. They should sound at a pretty remarkable volume through headsets while engine and wind noise is kept low. Is this doable by the developers in FS by using a proper audio bus or smth like that?
  4. Thanks for the help and guidance. Not saying that you’re wrong at all. Sometimes what’s right in the sim might “feel” wrong since you don’t sense it the same as in real.
  5. Thanks. Really appreciate your work. You’ve made a masterpiece and paired with FS visuals and weather it really comes to life. If I manually separately tune the passenger stations to match TOW in EFB and keep CG in the middle on FS UI it should basically also work i believe.
  6. Thanks. So what we see on FS W&B should be actual and not subject to some workaround by the dev to make the plane fly properly? I understand the complications come from trying to properly balance the load so that’s where EFB comes to help.
  7. One more idea... since it seems that FS SDK is used for lots of supporting functions, could it be that weight change from EFB to FS is prohibited under some conditions like parking brake set or External Power Connected or something else? Haven’t tested yet.
  8. Sometimes my sim weights won’t be altered at all by EFB no matter how many times I click. Until you fix the issue, is there any chance you could publish a few samples how we should manually load the sim weights to achieve empty, 1/4, 3/4 load etc together with what should be set in EFB to match all numbers? Thanks so much. I am sure that vast of these flight issues are due to this. I experienced it yesterday again. Seems like empty ferry weight is not proper either if I just take everything except FA and pilots out. CG goes way back.
  9. Yeah I suppose the speed of movement could be the thing. It stabilizes after having settled at 45.
  10. I think you are correct in all these statements. I was messing around with it now and witnessed the same. No weight change from EFB except only the Fuel quantity.
  11. I was now experimenting with the SET PAYLOAD IN SIM function. The only weights it's able to change for me is Fuel quantity. It's unable to change any of the other weight values of MSFS. The TOW starts to differ between EFB and FS panel whenever I change something on EFB and press Set Payload. It won't do a thing Seems like off to flying default weight figures until it's solved.
  12. Thanks for your reply. That's the thing, I wasn't able to figure out if it's capable for LPV or LNAV/VNAV RNAV approaches or not. I was now able to make it fly vertical guidance itself by pressing VNAV before the FAF point. But then it must not be the proper way to execute it.
  13. Hi, Firstly I think the plane is getting less praise than it should. It's a masterpiece and could easily become one of the best addons overall across all sim platforms. You have done it VERY WELL. The systems, visuals and sounds are spot on. I'm sure the rest will be fixed in the near future. Flying an approach I think Flaps 45 lifts you away from proper approach path too much. The last time I flew CRJ-900 full motion sim the flaps behaved similarily to what we're used to on other sim airliners. They don't have the aerodynamic power to lift you like a Cessna with max flaps, you feel the effect but not that remarkably. Maybe it's all related to the weight issues (EFB not loading weights properly) so I will investigate further.
  14. Hi, What is the proper technique to fly RNP approach with the CRJ? On the Working Title CJ4 with Proline avionics I enter the approach to FMS, then wait for TERM mode and finally LPV. Before the FAF I would arm the APPR mode and the plane would fly RNP approach similar to ILS. With the CRJ this seems to be different. Thanks!
  15. The bouncing is perhaps something to do with MSFS. I also noticed it on the CRJ hand flying ILS approach but then again I also noticed it on the Piper Arrow I got recently
  16. Hi First of all, the addon is very nice! Really well done work and exceeded my first expectations. There are few gimmicks so here's one. Approaching LOWI today on RNP Z 08 I just couldn't figure out how to properly arm the RNP approach. I kept it ofcourse in FMS source, armed APPR and it appeared as if it started to follow the vertical path as well. However, it was not doing it right, the descent rate was way too low. Also I couldn't get rid of discontinuity on the map, in FMS CDU it was all perfect. However on the map I got an empty section between points and then lines were drawn to the North from two waypoints. Over WI752 the autopilot suddenly turned the plane to North and that ended my nice flight. This photo is taken earlier on descent but the lines are visible already. Can someone confirm how to properly arm RNP approach, is the addon capable for it and what could have been wrong with the route? Thanks!
  17. Hi, I haven't seen the feature list yet so just wanted to clarify - are holdings supported on the FMS? This is rather essential for VATSIM addons and single pilot ops so it would be a deciding factor for myself. Thank you!
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