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  1. Some Error is shown, but most securitys files. I dont understannd so much.
  2. After a fresh innstall of Frankfurt Mega Airport into P3DV4.5 its stopped loading at 86% when trying to load the airport from P3D menu. Has also tried from "another airport to Frankfurt Airport" from P3D menu inflight, but it also get stuck at 86%-87%. I have tried with orbx Germany North and South both on and off and global LC both on and off. Even tried with GSX on and off. but still same result. Default Airport is working then. Even tried with different default planes and addons plane aswell. last thing i have tried is flying to the airport, but when get i about 10-15 miles from the airpo
  3. Thank you, it worked:) Strange it didn`t show up when i was searching for in regedit. Thx.
  4. Hello! Trying to innstall latest version of Trondheim and Oslo Airports, P3DV4.5 and this happens? I have unnistalled all versions before, automatic and manual, even checked the reg system t see if something is there, but nothing. and checked pc for some leftovers files, but nothing. even tried CChelper and restore system also. But now i am out of ideas. Regards, Truls Petter.
  5. Hello! any plans for more norwegian airports and updating for P3Dv4 in the near future? Regards, Truls Petter.
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