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  1. Thanks for the reply. Gatwick is now working.
  2. Hello I am using AES Version 2.11. I have various airport addons from UK2000. However, AES cannot find some of these airports in the scenery, even though they are installed and active in the scenery.cfg file The airports in question are UK 2000 Birmingham Xtreme and UK2000 Gatwick Extreme. I have noticed that in the list of addons in AES it states (in red) "off -EGBB UK2000 Birmingham", but in the scenery.cfg file it is "Birmingham Xtreme". I have tried deleting and re-installing the addons, and also re-installing AES, without any success. Any help appreciated. Eisbahn
  3. By way of the FS Start Menu. i.e. Choose aircraft then flight planner then time of day usw. Terry
  4. Hi, I have a problem with all activated airports in AES. Everytime I start, AES always displays the window "Request Followme to Position: GATE 1. This happens always, even when I am parked correctly at any gate with the parking brakes on and the engines stopped. This did not happen before Version 2.07. I am also using AES Remote. Any help appreciated. Terry
  5. Hello Oliver Thanks for the quick reply. Everything is now working fine. Eisbahn
  6. Hello I have just purchased AES credits and have the following problem. I have both London Heathrow xtreme and Birmingham xtreme from UK2000 installed. Birmingham xtreme is displayed in the airport list for activation but London Heathrow xtreme is not displayed. Any help would be appreciated. FSX SP2 with Vista 64. Eisbahn
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