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  1. @Mathijs Kok I've just received my refund! Thanks for your help! ~iMoveQuick
  2. I just checked, and yes, the email used here is not the one used on the order. I will send the order number through the correct email. EDIT : Email is sent.
  3. Hi there, About a month ago (The 2th of september) I asked to for a refund on my Vrinsight Multi panel. They said after the received the product in a good state they would return the money (210,- in total, which is alot). So on the 7th of september it arrived at probably the warehouse from Aerosoft where I had to send it back to. They also told me via the support email that it had arrived and they would send the money back within the next day. This email was send to me on the 11th of september. What means that they should have send the money back on the 12th. So after a few day's obviously with that kind of money I started questioning if the money had really been send back, so I posted a topic regarding my refund. It could take 2 weeks via paypal. So I waited. First week from the 12th was over, no money. Second week, no money and now I'm in the third week and still no sign of a refund. At this moment I'm getting kind of worried, because the only thing the support team could tell me is that the money will be in your bank account within a few days. Well it's been 18 day's already. Should I contact paypal if something went wrong there? Regards, ~iMoveQuick
  4. The 5 days are since the package arrived. And I know it normal to check everything etc. Just wanted to know. Regards, ~iMoveQuick
  5. Hi there, 2 weeks ago I asked for refund for the Vrinsight Multi Switch Panel. And after a few emails back and forth, I sent it back to the adress that was given to me. Now on the 10th of this month I received an e-mail telling I'm getting my money back "Tomorrow", which should have been the 13th. (Support e-mail was send on the 12th) So I waited and got an e-mail my order has been cancelled, which sounded it was going the right way. But after 5 day's there still nothing on my bank's account. How long does it approximately take to get the payment processed and transfered the bank which I paid with? I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so my apologies in advance. Regards, ~iMoveQuick
  6. Hi there, So a few day's ago I bought the Vrinsight Multi Switch Panel from the Aerosoft store. But after a day's of testing with every single aircraft I fly the more problems I seem to get. And at the moment I don't think it justifies the 200 euro's I paid for it. Does hardware also have a "No refund?" policy? I hope not...Because I'm really not happy with it. Regards, ~iMoveQuick PS : I've send an email to support via aswell.
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