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  1. An amazing and enjoyable saga, and all true! I'm looking forward to the movie.
  2. Your research and presentation are much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I have read "page" 1, all very interesting, informative, and great photos. Thank you!
  4. Thank you, Mr. Crazy. You have a much more robust, detailed, interesting journal, which I have yet to fully explore. Having finished my world adventure, I'll have a little more time to read the journals of others. Yours looks like a great one!
  5. March 17, 2022. EIDW, Dublin, to EGLC, London City. Beechcraft Bonanza F33A. Final leg of around the world concluding with a celebratory aileron roll. Thanks, everyone, for the fun!
  6. March 16, 2022. CYYT, St. John's, Newfoundland, to EIDW, Dublin International. Day into night. Cessna Citation XL560. 1775 nm, 4 hours 9 minutes. A 737, also from CYYT and on its way to Amsterdam, accompanied me most of the way.
  7. March 16, 2022. Sidney to CYYT, St. John's, Newfoundland. Socata TBM850. Turbulence. Landed into the sunset.
  8. March 15, 2022. Trenton to CYQY, Sidney, Nova Scotia. Tecnam P2006T.
  9. March 15, 2022. Grand Manan to CYTN, Trenton, Nova Scotia. Piper PA-44 Seminole.
  10. March 15, 2022. KBHB, Bar Harbor, to CCN2, Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ.
  11. March 12, 2022. Legs 28 and 29. KWRI, McGuire AFB, to KJFK, Kennedy International, Pilatus PC-21. Full stop landing at JFK, then on to KBHB, Bar Harbor, Maine, to visit brother-in-law for some R&R. Departed in severe weather and would have cancelled the trip in the real world. Snow and wind gusts to 40 mph. Substantial tail wind, JFK to BHB, 331 nm in only 58 minutes.
  12. Actually, I am "flying" only in FSX. I like the looks of Microsoft's 2020 simulator but I am not able to run it on my current system.
  13. March 11, 2022. Phileas Fogg hired a sledge driver for transport across the frozen plain from Fort Kearney to Omaha. Slightly re-imagining Jules Verne's novel, as was done in the recent Masterpiece production, we found an old sled driver at one of the TOPGUN hangouts in Fallon, Nevada, who was ready to teach the youngsters a thing or two. His sled hadn't been used since about 1999, but given his demeanor and our generous offer, he had it up and running in no time, with only the usual fuel leaks. Fogg's sledge took him from Fort Kearney to Omaha, but because we were in Fallon, we extended the trip a bit, traveling from KNFL, Fallon Naval Air Station, to KWRI, McGuire Air Force Base. Although more distant, we reached our destination in less time than Fogg.
  14. March 11, 2022. KTVL, South Lake Tahoe, to KNFL, NAS Fallon. Douglas C-47 Skytrain. Some Tahoe residents think they live in the Alps, hence the use of a restored European Air Transport Service C-47. It's an esoteric joke. We flew to Fallon Naval Air Station, the home of TOPGUN, which is TopPistol's namesake, more or less. We're hoping to find an old Sled Driver who might agree to transport us across the plains.
  15. Sacramento to Lake Tahoe, Cessna 337 Skymaster.
  16. University Airport to Sacramento International, Cessa 152. Included are two photos of the area taken from a real world Cessna 152 in 1985.
  17. Yolo County to University Airport, Flugzeubau with the help of a tow plane flown by Aouda.
  18. Lake Berryessa to Yolo County, Quest Kodiak.
  19. Pope Valley to Lake Berryessa, deHavilland DHC-6.
  20. March 7 - 8, 2022. KSFO, San Francisco, to KTVL, Lake Tahoe, California, with several stops in between, including Napa Valley ("wine country"), Angwin, a favorite hiking area, Pope Valley where a friend makes great home brew, Lake Berryessa which was not a lake prior to 1957, Yolo County, and my home airport, KEDU. Also, KSMF Sacramento International, and finally Lake Tahoe. This series of short legs begins with a Cirrus SR 22, San Francisco to Napa.
  21. Thank you for your note, Adesoje. I have been away from this site for several days and just now saw your note. I look forward to seeing your journal, and looking forward to the next legs. Regarding various aircraft, I thought it might add interest to the journey by using a different aircraft for each leg. I have collected several over the years! Happy landings.
  22. February 10, 2022. At KSFO. Airbus A321. A shout out to Aerosoft.
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