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  1. What do you by 'same issue'? This is the solution to your issue. When your purchase your product from the provider which could be, JustFlight or Flight1, for example; they always provide you with the most up to date version. So, all you need to do is go to the site you purchased the product from and re-download it. Problem solved.
  2. When I re-download the installer file from my purchase site this contains the updated version.
  3. I have been tweaking the .xml file in the fuel planner for the Airbus range. I have changed the pax number and bag weight in the aircraft. The fuel planner itself works absolutely fine however I have seen a couple posts on her regarding the weight distribution and the altering of the COG. I'm not at home at the moment so can't post my xml file but I have not changed the payload position and the payload max lines in the file. Show I change them? And, if so, what should they be? Which numbers should be 1 and which should be 0? Thanks
  4. For anyone else having this similar issue I would strongly advise looking at graphics settings, not only in the sim but in ASN and any other addon. Along with checking Nvidia Inspector too. I made the following changes and have just completed a flight from EGCC to LEPA with fps at or between 28-31 for the duration of the flight. These were settings that worked for me and may not for every/anyone else. Changed my fps slider to unlimited in FSX:SE Changed Nvidia Inspector AA to 4x as opposed to 8x Followed Tom's advice and lowered the turbulence setting in ASN Also changed the cloud draw distance until I was getting solid frames As said before, I am managing a very nice and smooth 29fps average. My system is no tank but it is by no means a snail either. Best advice is to play around with the graphics settings and find what works best for your sim. In terms of this, definitely check your graphics settings or how high your visual effects are in here. This could & probably is having a massively detrimental impact on the sim.
  5. Is there some way you can minimise visual effects to a lower setting? From what I am reading the issue we are experiencing is due to performance. I am getting a steady 26-29fps during flight and every so often it falls to around 4-8fps and then starts to shake and rock violently. This has to be linked to performance in some way and not aerosoft. Have a look at your settings and see if there is any way of lowering them to improve performance.
  6. I will set this to 30 and have a trial flight today. I will report back my findings.
  7. I can't get my head around it. I have even not set my sliders for autogen and scenery complexity to 'normal' whereas I had them higher before my un-install and I am still having issues now. Very annoying. Hopefully we get a solution!
  8. Hi Now, I have read and researched this topic quite a lot before posting but my issue seems to be a little different to everyone elses. Some background: I fully un-installed FSX:SE and all addons including ActiveSky and Aerosoft Airbus Bundle and EZDOK v1 I then re-installed FSX:SE, ASN, REX and Aerosoft Bundle and purchased EZDOK v2.6 Having completed the above steps I setup everything back to how it was previously. ASN has the same settings and Nvidia Inspector was configured to improve performance which it did, along with the DX10 fixer from Steve. However, there are two issues I am now presented with in the bus during flight at cruise level. Random violent shaking affect every so often. I have checked and lowered my ASN turbulence settings down to 50, even though they were at 70 previously and I had no issues which leads me to believe this is not the problem. The other option is EZDOK v2. I have lowered all settings in the Effect Processor but I do have a nagging feeling that this could be the cause. When I have been sitting at cruise level for a while without touching any of the views etc (such as panning around the cockpit) when I then have a look around the cockpit (ie. change the view) there is a large lagging affect, like the sim jumps. Not sure how else to explain that. Sorry for the long winded post, I cannot work out if this issue is related to Aerosoft Airbus of the more likely culprit, EZDOK. Or, perhaps my settings are too high,even though everyone runs smooth on approach and on the ground. Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated! Maybe somebody could share their EZDOK v2 Aerosoft Airbus profile with me to see if that makes a difference? Thank you again. J
  9. Thanks for the speedy and useful response! Much appreciated.
  10. Hi all-- I purchased the 'Aerosoft Airbus Bundle' from JustFlight in August 2016. I have recently un-installed my FSX:SE edition in an attempt to revamp setting and perform some tweaking etc. When I download the Airbus bundle again from JustFlight, will that install contain all of the updates and hotfixes or whetever has been changed since that date. Or, will I have to source the updates and fixes from this forum etc? It is the first time I have un-installed the sim so am very unsure as to how to make certain the Airbus is fully up to date. Thanks in advance!
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