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  1. Thank you for the fast response. I confirm the latest installer is now in my account. Looking forward to buying the new Airbus. I have owned all the previous versions.
  2. Hello Milviz have updated this product to work in P3D V4. I have just the download files in my previous orders and the version is not the latest version. On the Milviz 737-200 website it states the current version is 180430. In my aerosoft downloads the version is 3.160428 which is from 2016. Can you please tell me how I can get the latest version to use it in P3D V4 ? Regards Seb
  3. I am trying to get Niagra falls to look right. This might need to be discussed in the orbx forum. Thats where i am heading.
  4. Hello Bob has MK contacted ORBX have they come up with a solution? is it safe to install MK scenery. Last time I installed a MK scenery I Iost 98% my auto gen vegitation. After uninstalling MK scenery all the autogen was fixed. I am using the the autogen merger tool from Scenery Design, and it did not help. Only uninstalling the MK scenery did the job. Regards Sebastian
  5. Hello Mathijs, Is this is the same old issue we had in FSX days too were the sim autogen files get messed up by the last scenery installed and only the last last scenery installed has the right autogen.. I remember Earth Simulations put out this fix but I am not sure we can use it with P3D V4. http://www.arm-computers.co.uk/EarthSims_Help/Q_1_/Q_2_/Q_3_/q_3_.html MK Studios has messed up but it is fixable. In the old FSX days I remember Orbx reached out to a lot of developers and together they had sorted a common autogen file so all the sceneries worked, well apart from France VFR who did not join in for some reason.(I have never bought any France VFR products after that, MK could face the same back lash but I met Mateuz at cosford this month and he seemed very genuine, I think he has got himself out of his depth a bit) looking forward to a good out come for all involved I hope after your discussion. Seb
  6. Tried installing with UAC and windows defender off and its got worse I have now lost all the radios apart from the GPS. I will remove it from both P3D V3 and V4 and clean up my system of any Catalina files clean the registry too. I think we may have some older files from older catallina installs floating about and messing things up, she has been with us for many years. I have not had to rebuild my pc for 5 years. Its a very stables PC I have kept it up to date with all the updates for Windows, drivers, bios and chipset drivers.
  7. One thing I have noticed is that the aircraft registration plate above the radio stack is also black and missing. You can see it in the screen shot above and I see it in my cockpit.
  8. I installed it into my new P3D V4 with the new installer and the issue is there. I have the same issue in P3D V3. I need to try reinstalling with windows defender off, UAC already off. I doubt its the reason but worth a try. I do not use any anti virus just windows defender in win 10.
  9. I am still having the blacked out DME and ADF even after fixing the typo. I have installed the latest verison 1.20 into P3D V3 Here part of my Panel.cfg from "Aerosoft_PBY-6A_Civ\panel" it looks fine to me. Any ideas? gauge00=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Catxm!Cat_Blackbox1m, 0, 0,1, 1 gauge01=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Catxm!Cat_Blackbox2m, 0, 0,1, 1 gauge02=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Catxm!Cat_Blackbox3, 0, 0,1, 1 gauge03=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Mil/panel/AS_Catxm!ASCLS, 0,0, 10, 10, 0 gauge04=ASC!MAIN, 0,0, 10, 10, 0 gauge05=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_KLN90B!KLN90B, 2,3,508,162 gauge06=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Caty!fs2x_NavCom Radio1, 3, 190, 465, 58 gauge07=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Caty!fs2x_NavCom Radio2, 3, 253, 465, 58 gauge08=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Caty!Cat_Xponder, 3, 317, 292, 64 gauge09=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Caty!DME, 3, 450, 241, 52 gauge10=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Caty!Cat_ADF, 3, 386, 330, 58 gauge11=../SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ/panel/AS_Caty!Placard, 312, 320,192, 54
  10. I would love to have this repaint too, Miss Pick Up would be much appreciated. I see her flying often here in the UK. I've been inside Miss Pick Up, I paid a small amount well worth it if you meet her at an air show.
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