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  1. As far as I know, it is just being updated with better textures (this is a maybe I'm not sure if this is true), compatibility for P3D v4 is being added, and some things that may have been left out before hand is being added.
  2. Alright my problem was that I was not pressing the PWR/FUEL button and then waiting for the APU door to open. My problems have been fixed and I tested it when starting on ground power and while on the battery power and it worked both times in both aircraft. Thank you again for your help.
  3. Alright thanks for the help. The thing is that I didn't have any issues when starting it off the battery, but when starting it from an external power source is when I encountered my problems. I will try it again now being sure I am following the correct steps and report back.
  4. The APU Start/Stop button. So do the fuel pumps have to be on in order to start the APU?
  5. I have not seen another post about this, but if there is one and the issue has been fixed, please let me know. I do not know if this is a bug or something that's in the actual plane that I'm doing wrong, but when I attempt to turn the APU on while on ground power, I have to click the button at least 10 times before it seems the click has been registered and begins starting. I know one other person that bought this aircraft to have the same issue but nobody else, so I may be doing something wrong.
  6. So since you are not charging for files we already have, are we going to have to pick out those older files and put them in the new install or will that be done automatically? I think I know the answer but just want to make sure.
  7. Does the fuel not normally sit in the fuel trucks for a little bit of time? That needs to be taken into account when thinking about this because the fuel temperature should be the ambient temperature if it's been sitting in the fuel truck for more than a couple of hours or so. Maybe not at Atlanta or Heathrow but definently at smaller airports. Just something to consider.
  8. I wished everyone would stop with all the talk about how Aerosoft doesn't know how to release a product on time. Developing addons take time if they're going to be worth anything and that is exactly what Aerosoft is doing. Aerosoft announces the day they are starting a project (or close to), but who knows how long it took PMDG to develope the 747? For all we know they may have started 5 years ago and just not told anyone. Aerosoft is open and I feel as though some people take it as they are almost finished when they post it and they are not. They are taking some time, but be thankful that they are creating a great product that is going to work and not be buggy in the end. So stop asking for release dates, and stop pestering the AS team about not being able to release a product on time and just be patient, it will come.
  9. I'll agree with this. I noticed with the CaptainSim 777 that has an amazing virtual cabin is much much more laggy than the PMDG 777 (the only comparison I have) and the PMDG 777 flight deck is much more detailed. I wished there was some way to get around this but this is not the developer of the aircraft's fault but something the developers of the simulators need to work on.
  10. Thank you Emanuel! This made my day I didn't even know this was a feature! This is a fair argument but they aren't looking through a computer monitor either. I personally like the pop outs for the smaller text that it harder to see with a 1080p computer monitor (with spending money on flight sim, I'm not going to be able to buy any better resolution anytime soon). Now yes, I could just zoom in with EZdok or ChasePlane but that's against the point. When you're on final or taking off, that takes a lot of time and sometimes it's worth just ignoring the small text instead of taking the time to zoom in (When a pilot "zooms in" they can still see outside unlike in the simulator). Originally, when buying the PMDG 737, I did not think I was going to use the pop out ND and PFD but I have used them a lot more than I had anticipated. I do understand your argument but I believe it would add a lot and even if it's implemented, those who believe it is too unreleastic just do not have to use it.
  11. Isn't the 2D MCDU a pop out screen only? If not then I am mistaken but it would be nice for it to be incorporated like the PMDGs and be able to click on the MCDU screen in order to have the 2D come up to simplify things.
  12. I have to agree with this. I do not feel that 2D panels for the overhead panel or the MCP are necessary but after flying the PMDG aircrafts I do enjoy the FMC's having a 2D option. It is nice when programming the FMC for the flight to have a 2D panel in order to not have to move the camera so close to the FMC. For the PFD and ND it is nice, but to me personally it is less of an issue. I would live to see a 2D MCDU that is not in a pop out screen like the current A32x. Just a suggestion though. I would not want to add a non-necessary item to the todo list just to delay the release and add more to the long list of bugs that are being worked on at the moment. Anyways with the photos posted earlier everything is looking great! Keep up the work and I'm beginning to save my money now!
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