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  1. Sorry, I was being stupid. I updated the wrong directory for my PMDG 777, and then I had no idea I needed to update the database in PFPX. Anyway, thanks!
  2. I just purchased NavDataPro and NavDataPro Charts. I have the PMDG 777. I'm following the tutorial for NavDataPro Charts and it says, "We want to take off from runway Piste 23L in Manchester, following the departure route SID SANBA 1Y." However, inside PFPX SANBA 1Y is not available as one of the SID's. Neither is it available inside the FMC of my PMDG 777. Any ideas?
  3. Well, there's a way...time travel!
  4. This is the error I get when I go into CitiesX - Chicago - Complexity Switch.
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