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  1. I noticed that the ARR ATIS with the SIM (DEFAULT) option in MCDU3 took around 8 minutes to retrieve, as mentioned here: So maybe this is why you're not seeing anything?
  2. Hi there, I've noticed something a bit odd with the FMS. Here, I am on the REDFA1A arrival into Schiphol. At present, there is a restriction at SUGOL; at SUGOL you must be between FL100 and FL70. I've decided that I want to be FL70 level at SUGOL, so I type '7000' into the scratchpad. I click on the RSK3 to replace the current restriction which is already in there. Here's the aftermath; the ALT CSTR still displays FL070-FL100, despite the fact that I replaced the ALT CSTR with 7000. The bug here is that the ALT CSTR hasn't visually changed - if I go to the F-PLN page, I can see that FL070 at SUGOL is confirmed/predicted, and the VNAV is descending accordingly to be FL070 at SUGOL.
  3. @Choobe The response for VATSIM weather is quicker. However, yesterday, it was giving me a METAR, today it isn't doing that. Also, the long delay is only occurring with the SIM (DEFAULT) weather option in the MCDU, and when requesting ARR ATIS.
  4. I've noticed that the AMS isn't working as I'm expecting to. I normally have VHF1 as my main communications (ie. talking to controllers), and VHF2 to listen to ATIS if I'm dealing with a controller. However, when I disabled VHF2, the ATIS continued playing. Here's what it looks like when the AMS is working correctly: http://prntscr.com/k6ipv4 As you can see, VHF2 is enabled and I can listen to the ATIS. This is normal. I have now finished listening to the ATIS and as such, I've disabled VHF2. I'm assuming that the ATIS should now stop. However, as you can see in the image below, it hasn't stopped: http://prntscr.com/k6iqay Is this an error on my behalf?
  5. What version P3D are you on? You must be on P3D v4.3, otherwise the aircraft doesn't work.
  6. @Choobe Thanks for replying, I've got SIM (DEFAULT) selected in the MCDU.
  7. Maybe I was overexaggerating, but it took 8 mins for me to receive a response to my request. http://prntscr.com/k6fu3u I requested ARR ATIS and WX/METAR at 1640z, and got a reply at 1648z. As you can see in the image, the temperature, visibility and cloud forecasts aren't included. This feature isn't as such very useful, especially considering these items are required in the approach page.
  8. Ahh, sure, that makes sense! My error.
  9. I just started my engines with the fuel tanks off, and only realised afterwards. Surely this is incorrect?
  10. http://prntscr.com/k6fejb As you can see, in the image, the timestamp is 000000z, which is incorrect. The time now is 1558z.
  11. Hey there, I was wondering if there is any documentation for the AOC pages. I've been having fun flying around with the bus so far, but I'm interested to know a bit more about the AOC pages. I can't seem to find any documentation for these pages, so I was wondering if someone could help me find where these pages are? Also, I was wondering if the weather request is actually meant to return 10-20 mins after the button is pressed - it seems quite a long time to wait, in my opinion, maybe this time can be shortened? Furthermore, when the weather request returns, it gives information timestamped '000000z' - is this a bug? The weather request also doesn't return with the cloud conditions and temperature, which seems a bit odd to me as the temperature, in particular, is required for the approach page. If anyone can answer my questions above, I'd greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, Eric
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