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  1. It's not clear from the video if they've used audio from the flight deck or the passenger seat. The fact that I can hear the reverse thrusters leads me to believe it's audio from the passenger seat.
  2. Will there be an option for high res textures and low res textures on the A330? Or will there only be one set of textures which users have to use?
  3. Oh I see so it's not just for charts? I think if you guys made this into EFB app for tablets it would deliver a good experience (not saying it would be better I'll reserve that judgement for when/if you release your in flight EFB).
  4. Sorry I'm not sure if I worded my question correctly. What was the motive behind creating an EFB for the A330 when you already have mobile apps (as you've shown above) which already deliver a good experience?
  5. Hi I have a question regarding the EFB. I feel like the idea of an EFB in FS is better than the reality. In other words the experience of using it inside the sim doesn't quite match up with the expectations. From what I've seen on other products the resolution of the charts suffers since you are rendering that image on such a small surface so it's hard to really see the finer details of the maps especially en route charts. This also means precious CPU/GPU cycles are being used to render this image which could perhaps be used elsewhere right? A lot of airlines are now using iPads/Tablets as EFBs which you can replicate quite easily with your own chart software and get a good experience. So my question is, why did you decide to attempt it when you have created a really good mobile app that helps view charts? Do you guys think you can deliver a good experience with your EFB in FS in comparison to your mobile app? (I am aware your chart app is not an EFB but so far you have only described the EFB as showing charts)
  6. Is there options in the MCDU to enter a route for an alternative airport? I think on Boeing this comes under the RTE-2 page.
  7. What are the big differences between the A33X and A32X aircraft from a development point of view? Is it mainly the fuel systems which need to be changed or do you need to redevelop a lot of it from scratch?
  8. Hi, First time posting on these forums really nice to see the transparency you guys have between you and your customers! Will the MCDU allow us to enter winds aloft data or import this through a datalink with ActiveSky/PFPX?
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