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  1. Just now, mopperle said:

    You are aware that FSS moved to new servers and therefore files might still not be available, as mentioned on their website?

    Yes, they have said that it would take a couple of days but it's been like a month since they said that. They also said to send them a message on facebook and notify them about products not available for download. I sent a message to them 3 weeks ago and haven't gotten a reply. With everything happening right now I do not think FSS will do anything about it.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    If that shop indeed closes we'll gladly support their customers of Aerosoft products. We have done so in other cases.

    Thank you for explaining! Considering FSS isn't responding to emails or facebook messages will you do anything about the products that's currently not available for download, like AS Rome for example?

  3. Drzewiecki Design posted on their Facebook that The FlightSimStore have stopped paying developers. I'm assuming Aerosoft will stop selling products on the FlightSimStore because of this. Right now all downloads aren't available like AS Rome for example. If Aerosoft stops selling on the FlightSimStore or if FSS shuts down how will users be able to access the Aerosoft products bought on the FSS?

  4. I found what the cause of the issue was, and it was not ORBX. The cause of the issue was ENVTEX. ENVTEX would replace the detail1.bmp in Scenery/World/Texture and that would cause the issue. To fix the issue go to: Documents/Envtex/Backup/P3D v4/Scenery/World/Texture and copy the detail1.bmp and paste it in "P3D main folder"/Scenery/World/Texture. Next, start ENVTEX and disable the grass effect and apply.

  5. 2 hours ago, mopperle said:

    First, the posts you are referring to are very old and about an older Version of EGLL; in the second post the user solved it by following suggestions from another user regarding his FTX installation;

    As you can see in my screenshot it is not a problem of EGLL, but a problem of a not correct installtion and/or using old files and/or wrong oder in the scenery. Maybe there is also a problem how you updated P3Dv4. I did only a client update. Check the FTX forum, I remember being some problems with the update of P3Dv4 and Orbx in certain combinations.

    You're saying it's not a problem with the scenery? I'd say it is because all of my 20+ other airports does not have this problem. I know the other threads are old but it's still the same scenery from the same developers. The installer from the FlightSim Store is v1.00 and from what I've read the latest version is v1.01. Could this be the reason? 

  6. 3 hours ago, mopperle said:

    Other source could be a traffic addon

    I tried placing the ORBX scenery under all addon scenery and that didn't fix anything. I've tried various settings combinations. I've tried reinstalling both P3D Client and Content. I've also tried disabling Envshade and Envtex. I've tried disabling all AI traffic. Currently reinstalling P3D v4 Scenery to see if that fixes it.

  7. 15 minutes ago, mopperle said:

    Looks different here:


    Looks quite different here, but no Idea whats the problem on your side. Maybe some settings, shader tweaks, another scenery. My picture has been taken with all availabe FTX stuff, but no tweaks of whatever kind.

    What I can see in your screenshot of your library: the position of the FTX entries is wrong. they have always to be below any other scenery addon. You can manage this by using the "library insertion point" in the settings of FTX Central.

    I've tried it both with envshade enabled and disabled so I don't think it is shader related. I'll try changing the order of my ORBX stuff.