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  1. Hello! I recently found out that you can make airport stairs drive up to the aircraft using the SAM plugin. Jo Erlend Sund did this with his Cologne scenery. This would add so much immersion to people that don’t want to spend money on a ground handling plugin. I'm hoping we'll see this in more sceneries. It can be seen here:
  2. YES! Finally a good Chania! Really hoping for an X-Plane 11 version as well
  3. Where can I download the file? When I press the link I get a dropbox error saying the file isn't available.
  4. And Aerosoft does it again! Starts developing an airport that's already being developed by one of the best scenery developers...
  5. Yes, they have said that it would take a couple of days but it's been like a month since they said that. They also said to send them a message on facebook and notify them about products not available for download. I sent a message to them 3 weeks ago and haven't gotten a reply. With everything happening right now I do not think FSS will do anything about it.
  6. Thank you for explaining! Considering FSS isn't responding to emails or facebook messages will you do anything about the products that's currently not available for download, like AS Rome for example?
  7. Drzewiecki Design posted on their Facebook that The FlightSimStore have stopped paying developers. I'm assuming Aerosoft will stop selling products on the FlightSimStore because of this. Right now all downloads aren't available like AS Rome for example. If Aerosoft stops selling on the FlightSimStore or if FSS shuts down how will users be able to access the Aerosoft products bought on the FSS?
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