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  1. 4 hours ago, conductor79 said:

    no,  I have p3dv4 64 bit. I just added it with livery manager end that's all. 

    Ah okay I see what you did. For this livery instillation you have to put the "Texture.OE-LYY" manually into your Aerosoft Professional A319 IAE folder along where all of the other livery textures are at. Let me know if the manual installation works :)


    To install this aircraft manually, please copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg',  inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A319 IAE Professional'. Replace the X in [FLTSIM.X] by the next following number (like [FLTSIM.8]) and put the snippet after the last FLTSIM-object. Then you copy the complete texture folder into the same aircraft folder where you find the aircraft.cfg. The easiest way: Just drag the complete ZIP-file into the livery manager and it will be installed automatically!


    title                            = Airbus A319 Eurowings Europe OE-LYY (Aerosoft A319 IAE Professional)
    sim                                = A319IAE
    model                            =PL2WINSAT
    panel                            =
    sound                            =
    texture                          = OE-LYY
    kb_checklists                    = AirbusA321_check
    kb_reference                     = AirbusA321_ref
    atc_id                            = OE-LYY
    atc_airline                      = Eurowings Europe
    atc_flight_number              = 1000
    ui_manufacturer                 = Airbus
    ui_type                           = A319-132 IAE
    ui_variation                     = Eurowings Europe
    ui_typerole                      = Commercial Airliner
    ui_createdby                       = Aerosoft
    atc_parking_types               = GATE
    atc_parking_codes               = EWG
    description                            = Airbus A319 - 132 (IAE V2524-A5) / Eurowings Europe OE-LYY (Aerosoft A319 IAE Professional / www.aerosoft.com

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