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  1. Hello! I have no clue how this happened, but a reinstall of the aircraft did not solve this issue. Take a look at this screenshot and look at the Captain's and FO's ND displays. I have a gut-feeling that Airbus does not want pilots to "see the bigger picture" quite this much ... What do I do about this? XD
  2. Hello! I am having this problem when I let the jetways autodock (by using SODE or GSX level 2), they are crossing paths, as shown in the attached image. What can i do to fix this? I installed SODE using the provided bath file from Aerosoft. Any tips on how to fix this? Thank you, Amrick
  3. Hello, I am reinstalling the Airbus professional series for P3Dv4 for the airbus A318, 19, 20, and 21. I was receiving an error about the ND file for terrain not being found when I got the aircraft loaded up in the sim, so I decided to do a reinstall. About 75% into the install process, I see a feature transfer error (look at the attached image). What do I do about this? I haven't found any other threads that show the same exact error as I am having. Note: I moved the documents and the downloads folders to my second harddrive (D:)
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the replies! I will be sure to adjust the settings in P3D and see how it goes. i am thinking about building a gaming PC, so far I am thinking about getting an AMD Ryzen 5 2600x with Nvidia 1060 6GB. Do you all think this is a good place to start when running addons like Orbx (All the way to So-Cal) and Flightbeam airports with aircraft like this Airbus?
  5. Hello everyone! I just bought the professional bundle today for P3Dv4, which only includes the A318/19 as of right now. My test airport is FlightBeam KSFO, and the frames I get with the aircraft are about 7 fps and the high is about 9 fps. In exterior views, I can get about 17 fps to about 20 fps, which for me is satisfactory for a high level aircraft. In all of the PMDG aircraft that are compatible with P3Dv4, I get about 17 fps to 20 fps inside the cockpit, and 25 fps to 30 fps outside the cockpit at KSFO FlightBeam. I tried deleting the shaders folders, but that did not help. I am hearing about others having great performance with this aircraft, even better than PMDG, so I think it is clear that this issue is reparable. Computer specs: Intel core i7-5500U 2.4 GHZ, 8 GB Ram, and NViDIA GeForce 840M.0.0. This is not exactly a high end PC, however it isn't exactly low-end either. Thank you for your time!
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