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  1. I have checked its not an ORBX issue with. I do have TE installed by never have it on at the same time as EGLL. Plus I have checked the files extensilevy and its not possible for there to be a orbx conflict, unless the file isnt EGLL. At which point I cant it. Eitherway other than aerosoft the only other EGLL is for MSFS.
  2. Ok I think I now what you mean now... In regards to the scenery libary and even thought LHR is greyed out its is above ORBX, there is nothing that should be conflicting with it in relevance to its priority in the library.
  3. Hello I was wondering if someone was willing to help me out with this. Since Upgrading to 5.2 from 5.1 at LHR, I have these weird textures issues. They have never been prevelant before using this scenery only after I installed onto 5.2. I have tried reinstalling it. I thought it could be an ORBX problem but the only ever time I have had an issue with this sort of thing is when true earth is on, and I do not use it in these scanerios I only use the european landclass where I dont have these issues at all. I also have other airports in the range as well including I also have seen so other topics in this forum about similar issues at LHR, and tried there fixes with no luck. But then I did find the language confusing so I may not have done so right, I anyone could help with some fixes that would be great. Thanks.
  4. Ok... I am aware of what this issue will cause, thus I also have had the 'do nothing' option ticked. I have gone and checked my settings and this is the case. I thought it could have been that, but either way i knew this wouldnt be the problem even thought it sounds like it. Like I said I had thinked and not changed that for well over 2 years now... I never touch that.
  5. I really enjoy flying the A330, however recently I had a problem. Whislt on vatsim at times when switching between controllers on coms the airplane audio will randomly reduce to about 50%. I normally like to have had the audio at 100%, as i love to hear the noice of the airplane. Its really loud but like I said randomly when changing to a different controller the sound will reduce by half. There is nothing that I can do to fix this. I should point that I have had this issue for a few months now... maybe more. its not always been a issue, I have not changed any of my audio settings, nor equiment, nor nothing via vpilot since evening getting the airplane... well over a year ago !
  6. Ok I have done a total re install of P3D and it has worked. Thank you for your time.
  7. I have installed the A330 but it appears to be missing textures for such things as the Nav lights. Its just blank as if they are off. I never had the issue before on any other Aerosoft products but it seems after I have installed the A330, this issue has now spread to the a320 series as well. When it comes to the landings lights and becaon lights they will reflect of the body but that indidivual portion of the aircraft, such as the small hole where it should be lit up to show the landings light will not be on the a330. I am really confused as to what Maybe happening here, the oly thing that is coming to my head is Microsoft visual C ++ as on the installion phase it is saying that it is already there and the set up has failed. Even after I have totally got rid of it, gone to the a330 installer where it has re loaded and later on the same mssage appears about having a duplicate.
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