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  1. They are 100/200 series, you can tell this by the fact the TQ limit is 44 and not 50. Don't get me wrong fellas, I think the work being done is amazing and am looking forward to seeing the finished model as a current pilot on the DHC6 .
  2. Indeed it would seem so... In my experience this is the only DHC6-300 I have come across with this config of engine instrumentation... I assume its actually quite difficult now to swap them around within the MSFS model?
  3. Good spot from @VTA217 indeed the T5 and PROP RPM are the wrong way around. In the real A/C the Torque is at the top followed by Prop RPM then T5 then Gas Gen RPM. See attached images from the real AC and also the DHC6 flight safety international manual. Really enjoying the progress!
  4. Skybus standard wheels please I can supply as many photos as you could like and Verson 300/310 Float verson would also be nice with a TMA. Noticed also the texture of the de-ice boots looks strange if you required any photos of these do let me know (Y)
  5. Looking great all, do let me know if you want any help videos or info on systems or sounds... The hydraulic actuator noise would be a great addition as whenever you turn the master/Batt switch on it will top up the accumulator pressure with a signature wine! Also excessive use of breaks will cause the system pressure to decrease quickly so you can often hear this sound again when applying the breaks or taxiing. You can hear this sound here at 0:11
  6. Amazing work by all! I hope with the UK update to Land's End Airport we could see an Isles of Skybus livery Always happy to supply any imaginary required and technical systems information. Looking forward to trying out the MSFS version! PS very impressed by the door cards and cockpit textures! DSC_7420.NEF DSC_7428.NEF
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