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  1. Thanks a lot. We'll waiting for news further on! Thanks
  2. Is there any plans to bring us an A330 performance takeoff calculation tool? Like real EFB? and of course.....man/flex temperatures and trim settings? I don't care in case I have to pay for it. I just want to know if it is on the way or not.
  3. Today I did the same flight....but I've updated the Active Sky to the last version as well as I've used the Aerosoft A330's FuelPlanner to set up the CG and balance the aircraft. So....I don't know what happened....but no problem was noticed. The AP behave as it was planned for. I did a flight at about 1:32h total length and it was perfect. And....I've crossed high top storms and just the common turbulence and pitch variations was noticed...but between the normal range and prompt corrected by AP. The last test I'll perform tomorrow on a long haul flight.... transatlantic flight. After that....
  4. Hello, the AP doesn't follow any commands on the FMS or MCP. Total failure. I'll recreate the situation today and will see if it happens again. I'll enable log on configurator to show you guys to found a solution. Thank you very much
  5. Hello guys, First of all, congratulations!! I am really a fan of FSLabs A320, but I have to say you make it! A330 is really a good product. It is far from AS A320. But, at my first flight I had a really annoying bug: the A330 maintained for a while the cruise level, but after some time the AP deviated the nose pitch up and down a lot of times with variations above 1000 feet from the planned FL, and unfortunately the overspeed was called one the cockpit and, of course, master warning was enabled. So, I followed the protocol for AP incoherences during high level flights
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