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  1. This is in the manual: Which .cfg file 2048 Textures Are included for those who want extra sharp textures, remember to set “TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048” in your CFG file HnningR
  2. After a complete uninstall and reinstall all the blue light wrere gone. Enclosec along txway S for 01R
  3. It is in Programfiles/LM/ P3Dv4/ecosystem/aerosoft/Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 and vers 1.13
  4. Sorry, I thought Jo Erlend was norwegian. No it should be nothing else than some ORBX files probably in conjunction with FTX Norway. Coming back with screen shots. Henning
  5. Nei det skal ikke være noe annet enn noen ORBX filer antagelig i forbindelse med FTX Norway. Kommer til bake med screen shots Henning
  6. I have the ver. 1.13 installed and tried to reinstall several times without help. Problem is that the blue taxilight and several of the signposts are not correctly placed. When taxing f.inst. on S. to 01R the right blue lights ar place approximate on the left taxiway site and the left one is out on the grass. When coming down to holding the right signs are placed out on the taxiway and the left ones on the grass. How to solve this, its ok during day time but very confusing when dark HenningR I am also unable to use the pushback from any of the 6* gates with SODE/GSX
  7. Can you tell me in the set up picture enclosed hoe to change path for aerosoft updater and ApplicationData User to get rid of the OneDrive in the path
  8. Can you give me a simple advise how to do this
  9. First In the users General: Second Addons and the third the Aerosoft A318-A319 folder in the addons
  10. I did as you said, but the airbus is not visible in the change of aircraft in the P3dV4 menue. Everything is now placed under d: and p3dv4 addons and under documents/Aerosoft/Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional. But still nothing in the simulator
  11. After downloading nothing functioning as it should. I get a lot of warnings and EZdoc does not work as it does on the 737. Im am unable to see the airbus on the aircraft page and when looking on the sim objects it is not there. All is in the folder of airbus 318/319 wich is an own folder under p3dv4 map. but unable to select. It does not show up under add-ons as well. It says in the set up instruction that this map can be placed where you want if P3d is instructed where to find it. How is that done?
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