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  1. check on the a318/a319 and go to upgrades. it says that you can get it (if you own the a320 / 321) for ~30€. So if you add this up you would pay 10€ more than the bundle price, as long as its the same pricing the other way around (owning the 318/319 and buying 320/321) Fine with that tbh, even though the release of the bundle today was kinda unfair to those who couldnt wait
  2. i asked exactly the same, but i got downvoted for even asking. well, i just noitced that it should give a discount on buying the a320/321 when already owning the 318/319
  3. But its not possible to do a shortterm discount for those that now got themselves the a318/a319 (in the timespan between release until the bundle arrived) and upgrade to the bundle price ?
  4. Its great, especialy the VC. Im disappointed though why the bundle now got already released today and i could have saved about 50€ if i waited 2h longer instead of buying the solo a318/319.
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