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  1. Dear Otto: Thank you for your reply. There were, over the weekend, one or two people expressing issues with NDP data (not the Charts) in relation to use in other sim products. There have been instances in the past where the LIDO charts data has not uploaded successfully to your systems with the issue of a new AIRAC cycle. These issues have always been resolved. My question to you is: "As of today, does the NDP CHARTS program for Windows contain the updated, current (August 11th, 2022), AIRAC cycle 2208, aerodrome and enroute charts". I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Paul.
  2. Please advise if the NDP Windows version has been updated yet to cycle 2208. Just curious, as I see some issues reported by other users (on the data end of things for use in other applications). Thank you for your help. Paul.
  3. Good Morning! Just curious if the Windows NDP client has been updated to the latest cycle 2208 ? I ask, as I see elsewhere on this site, reported issues with the navdata for FMC's etc. I stress this question is just in reference to the charts update of NDP Pro. Thank you for your help. Paul.
  4. Hi there, Has NDP Charta been updated yet to the latest Cycle [ 2208 ] on Windows platform (for both Aerodrome Charts and Enroute Charts ??? Just wanted to verify. Thank you.
  5. Hi Jonas...following up on your note of yesterday re: chart updates....has an update to cycle 2112 been successful ? From looking at chart library, it seems we are still one cycle behind, but I could easily be wrong. If you could advise status, I would appreciate it. Kind regards, Paul.
  6. Anyone know if the LIDO chart package for NDP charts has been updated to AIRAC 2112, for December 2, 2021 Thanks, Paul.
  7. Downloaded latest Windows version for link provided by Aerosoft...yes, login problems solved, but when I select "Print" on either an airport chart, or RFC enroute chart, the system provides a pop-up window that says Print, but no content appears in the Print window - completely blank. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  8. Thats a great idea....work-around gives good results. MANY THANKS! Best regards, Paul.
  9. Prior to be advised to update to the latest version of NDP (Windows), the file sizes of each enroute chart downloaded was around 7mb, which meant it could be enlarged to near real size, and still produce a high quality, readable chart. Since the update, the enroute charts (themselves recently updated) appear ok on screen, but are typically only 1mb or less in size, and impossible to enlarge for anything near a decent print resolution. It's impossible to try and read an entire enroute chart off a sheet of A4 - being able to enlarge and print in almost real size and quality was a product strength. Can something be done to rectify this please - I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Paul.
  10. And further...now when printing, it opens full page, blank page, titled "null RFC (chart name) and freezes.
  11. Further to above, just FYI, chart EH4H (page 1) file size yesterday (before update) was 6949 kb....today, same chart, Page 2 downloads to only 1140kb. That makes a huge difference to print resolution.
  12. Well, the chart files do now print, but the resolution is much worse than previous....any attempt to enlarge printout beyond A4 size renders the chart completely unreadable. I also note the chart downloads much quicker suggesting to me the file size must be smaller. It's disappointing to not be able to use the chart in anything near a readable size. In previous versions, this was easily possible. Any chance you can look at that issue ?? Would be appreciated.
  13. The Windows app not updating - can you share the update link please - thank you!
  14. Looks like we now have updated RFC charts in NDP (for which I am most thankful). All charts, when selected, will load fine, but I find a few that when you select Page 2 of the chart, then press the Print icon, all you get is a large blank "NDP" window....the small "Preparing Chart for Printing" window which normally appears does not appear at all....just this large white, blank window....then, if you close that window, NDP hangs or crashes. Running on Windows 10. Two examples would be EH 4H, page 2; and EH 5H, page 2. The above problem aside, it is nice to have updated RFC's back again ! Any help on above issue would be appreciated - thanks. Paul.
  15. As I write, it looks like the aerodrome charts are now updated to latest AIRAC cycle...this is good news !! Excellent. Now we just need the RFC's to update too please !
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