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  1. I have found that undocked 2D pop outs can really impact frame rates in a bad way. Since I use 3 monitors and do the FMC on a tablet I dont find a huge need to be popping out windows. Popped up stuff just cuts into the reality of it all anyway. Now if you were to include an app that would put the two main displays on tablets I would be hitting Amazon for 2 more tablets right away. I would have to fly under the finance committee's radar to do it, but hey, a sim junkie has to do what a sim junkie does.
  2. Will be great to "ride along" with some of the pilots in my VA to see just how good they really are. lol will undoubtedly have many pilots that will want to share cockpits. I know someone above stated about getting into a VA to use joined cockpits...might check us out.
  3. Awesome! No vacations...chain to computer lol Just kidding. Its a well deserved break. Come back fresh so you can be abused more intensely - isn't that the way it goes?
  4. Mathijs, That rain is looking pretty darn good. Its very close but its missing something and may be just a bit prominent. Maybe a bit of green hue that you get from multi-pane laminated aircraft windows? Its been a long time since I sat in a cockpit on a rainy day just pondering - waking brain cells that have been sleeping for over a decade here. I know rain on laminated windows is hard to describe. Its different than a car window or a single pane aircraft window for that matter. I cant tell you what I mean but I'll know it when I see it lol. Will be great to see a video of how the drops act as they break, join and drizzle away. I'm in close touch with a RW pilot (7000+hrs in jets), that flies lots of WX and have sent the pic you posted for some feedback. Also asked for some photos and possibly a video or 2 from him with focus on the windows. Will share whatever I get.
  5. Agreed. Flying a 172 in the rain is a challenge. Flying in the rain at night takes that challenge to a whole new level. That view changes a bunch from day to night and with higher speeds - say 240kts True glass rain effect I think stems from what FSW had to show off at the last FlightSimCon. That was the one thing that FSW had brought to the table and I must say it was pretty amazing. Everyone took note. There were some problems I felt. It just didnt look real by a tad....hard to put a finger on without some time to study. Speed changes throughout all phases of flight also left me with questions on how the water reacted. There are some videos out showing it in the 717, but its hard to tell there as well what its really going to look like. Yes, the sims (addons) have needed to do a better job with glass and rain effect and I'm sure Mathijs will not let it into the final sim without a firm stamp of approval. Just hope there's a way to turn it off if it drags system performance down or an exaggerated, possibly artificial, depiction of the effect becomes an annoyance. That said, I'm holding my water to see it in the airplane, so hurry up show us some stuff! Please.
  6. You are one of the few - wait - you are the only one I know of that uses VR for flight sim in any dedicated way. Yes, I'm an old dude but not resistant to change or at catching on to new tech. As I'm affiliated with a large group of virtual pilots I felt it my duty to try it all, but also see how others reacted to stuff presented at Flight Sim Con. I needed to bring information home and share it in the fairest way possible. I kept a very open mind and I watched many others try out the technology and talked to them after. I recall, everyone thought VR was very cool, but thought it just didn't fit quite right for flight sim'ing. Young to old said the same thing. I think of VR (as it is now) like Track IR. It was cool and then the novelty wore off. Many have $100s in Track IR hardware that just sits in a box now. But back to the main point. Putting bells and whistles into the sim that would be hard to see and just reduce performance cost time and money is a waist until the VR technology is truly ready for flight sim - if it ever gets to that point . That mindset applies to VR and conventional viewing as well.
  7. I dont have much experience in the shared cockpit area. So I polled our Fly Virtual members with regard to the post above as I know several of them do. Right off I get "That is gonna be badass" lol. Looking forward to seeing this come to life.
  8. Have you tried VR in a flight sim? I did at FlightSimCon this past June. For flight sim'ing there is much more down side with VR than up. Even to see the medium details in the cockpit you need to zoom in on that item. The small stuff takes a lot of zoom. So you are zooming in/out all the time. Try reading the smaller gauges without the zoom. Wait. there's more bad. You cant see your controllers or key board. The VR hand controllers are not even close to what you would experience in any real aircraft. Wear that headset for a cross the pond flight lol. VR is no where close to ready for flight sim. If you want to fly an arcade game though, that would be pretty cool as VR has a nice sensation of being inside a bigger picture. As Mathijs says above, the only good way to see the level of detail needed for reading charts is to pop it out. When you pop stuff out you pay a performance price and I think that would be the same case with VR. We'll see what the future brings, but for now VR is in no way ready for our community. If you want EFB do it on a 9 or 10 inch tablet - good ones are getting much cheaper now. I use Galaxy S10 and its perfect for such applications.
  9. I know many flyers that use real tablets every time they fly. They are just not forum trolls like some of us. So to say "single user" here in the forums eliminates 99.99% of the product consumers I'm sure. When I post here I'm not whining or crying about things I must have - just posting food for thought. I think I made a post several days ago regarding getting the aircraft out and coming back to expand it later I don't think for a minute Aerosoft is like EA. They'd never sell you an aircraft at full price that you could only start and taxi and then sell you an expansion that could barley fly a year later at double the initial price.
  10. I might sound a bit old fashioned, but I’d rather not have them as a permanent fixture - if at all. Using them in the CRJ, 787 and 717 is kind of a pain in the ass to be honest as you need to zoom in to get the information or make them so big they take up too much screen space. In most cases you are only going to them on preflight and maybe once in flight. This is just because its not easy, or an easy read in most cases. I use my “real” tablet for the CDUs (including the current A320 family) and charts now. This is a much much better option as I don’t have to pan, focus or pop these out in the sim at all. Reading charts on a tablet built into the VC would make one blind I’m sure. Ha. Try making it big enough to read the airport diagram while taxiing. If you have not used the Virtual Avionics and Navigraph apps on a tablet give it a try or take a look at some of the demo videos. Be careful! You will become addicted very fast. They do work on smart phones as well, but tablet is the way to go. That said, if going to use a tablet in the aircraft for anything its best to have the option to remove it from the VC and send it to a real tablet. I know I know - its asking for more. But if going down the tablet road it would be best to do it with class.
  11. And then there is the time factor. These guys are already working nonstop to deliver what I'm sure will be an outstanding airplane even if it doesn't cover every possible configuration. If we keep asking them to add more and more we will only wait that much longer (and pay more as Anders commented above). Dont get me wrong I do like a vast horizon of options and detail in addons, but I'd sure like to get down to one sim. The only reason I'm still running V3 at this point is for the Airbus family. If you are a hardcore sim'er as I am you cant just fly in default scenery. Running more than one fully loaded sim is a lot of work. I say lets get these airplanes into V4, start enjoying them, and then lets beg Aerosoft to make a "reasonably priced" expansion pack. Lol, I have so much invested in AS now whats a few more bucks.
  12. Those are a very good top 3 for sure. Real (in reality) is what I feel is the best deal. Connected flight decks/shared cockpits have always been troublesome. Will be cool to see what you have in store for us there.
  13. I think the Bus family looked pretty good in V3. Much better than in FSX. Even if the textures are not enhanced as to show the maintenance guys dirty finger prints on the cowling, the new lighting and display options in V4 should make them show off better inherently. If there becomes a trade in overall performance I'd say keep the textures modest so the sim wont struggle and degrade the experience.
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