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  1. Just loaded a flight at Honolulu. What a beautiful sight to see an airport well-populated with a large variety of real world liveries moving around, landing and taking off. Fantastic work.
  2. This suggestion doesn't cover a large air carrier so may not be suitable for this project. Maybe some day after larger airlines are complete. Aloha Airlines (Hawaii) ceased passenger operations in 2008. However, Aloha Air Cargo (icao code AAH) provides inter-island service as well as flights to the US mainland. They operate using Boeing 767 and 737 aircraft. Small fleet. Aloha Air Cargo route map includes flights to and from Los Angeles (LAX) and Honolulu (HNL), from HNL to Seattle (SEA) and between all five major Hawaii airports including Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue, Hilo and Kailua-Kona. Pre-pandemic, Aloha also had 4 flights weekly to Las Vegas. That route has been temporarily suspended. Website: Aloha Air Cargo
  3. I made this suggestion earlier in this thread... just wanted to add some information. Air Tahiti Nui (icao code THT) - In 1996, Air Tahiti Nui was founded to connect the world to the largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti. Their fleet was renewed in 2019 consisting of the Boeing 787-9. While their destinations are minimal, their aircraft make a visual statement wherever they land. For MSFS, using the 'generic-airliner-twinengines' would work well. Website - https://www.airtahitinui.com/ Air Tahiti (icao code VTA) - The smaller regional inter-island carrier visits 45 islands within the South Pacific (French Polynesia, Rarotonga and the Cook Islands). Most are served in real life with ATR aircraft but there are a few Beechcraft models too. For MSFS AI, there is no ATR AI but there is a 'generic turbo multiengines' that might be acceptable. Maybe even the private jet would look good in this livery even though it's not a turboprop. Also in MSFS, some of Air Tahiti's destinations do not have airports. And those that do have minimal ramp parking. This would likely need some serious 'thinning' to make work in MSFS. Website - https://www.airtahiti.com/
  4. I would like to see Hawaiian Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui added. (Fortunately, several Hawaiian airports are included as well as Tahiti International) Those are my two wishes. Lovin' what we have though.
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