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  1. Hi Bernando, i hope to see son those points in another scenerio being developed for xplane... Now a question to the aerosoft staff regarding GCLP. Today there was a BE200 of Swiiss Flight Services flying over all the island...Is that part of the development? They use tech to get radar and terrain photos. Thanks and keep great job!
  2. Hi again! More interesting point to consider when heading South. CEISA Cement plant as VFR reference when going to S zone, it is referenced in the VFR chart VFR Chart (pdf) Over Maspalomas beach you can see the Lighthouse Just a few the way, GCLP Airport has been improved with new facilities at North which does not seem to appear in the images but i assume these captures shown are more related to surroundings rather than GCLP itself...keep waiting! This photo from one of my flight with a Diamond DA20 Katana. You can see the plant on the right side. Good day.
  3. Dear Sirs, As customer and PPL student, this notice is great and GCLP looks promising. One question i would like to have considered by developers. We have some VFR point that are pointed in the VFR charts of GCLP. For example, after taking off and we plan to head North we usually fly over N3, N2 and N1 before reaching N point. N1 has a big reference, the water termical plant and the tall exhaust chimneys. So far no one has inserted that structure inside a gran canaria scenery and so i ask you to consider it as your still in development. Here you have the google map position: Central Photo: Thank you for you excellent job!
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