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  1. Same problem here when using GSX. Before pushback, GSX tells me to close the doors, but they are already closed. If you open them again, GSX recognizes them as closed .... and vice versa
  2. Thank you @Mathijs Kok for the information and thanks to the whole Aerosoft team for your continous effort. I am pretty happy with the decisions made regarding the Airbus product line and I personally don't mind waiting for the product to be released since I'm convinced that the additional effort and re-design will pay off in the future. Being a software developer myself, I know that sometimes you have to make a cut and build things from scratch, otherwise you'd run into problems some day, which is not worth it and will drive you, your customers and your support staff crazy. Having that in mind, I totally see that the busses will be brand new products and I'm absolutely willing to pay the announced upgrade price, which is, in my point of view, a pretty fair deal.
  3. Hi, it says they will soon provide new installers for v4 in the support area of their website - checked it, nothing there yet, so I guess you'd just have to wait a while
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