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  1. Hi natcret, Thanks for your help and your quick reply - that was the solution for my problem.
  2. Good evening everyone, First of all: Thanks for your work on this great Airplane ! I've got a problem with some lights in the virtual cockpit when starting up the aircraft from cold&dark mode. I've got no lightning on the AP-Panel (see attached picture) - all other lightning inside the cockpit are working. But if i set the plane e.g. in taxi State, the AP-Panel has turned the lightning on. I didn't found a switch to turn on/off this lights. I've installed the P3Dv4.5 Hotfix 2 ( and made the suggested P3D settings from the manual. Thanks so far for your help ! Please let me know if you need further informations. Kind regards, Matthias
  3. Good evening ! i could solve my problem. I restarted my Computer and then it worked. But before, in the MCDU the AIRAC was shown in "Second Nav Data Base". After restarting my Computer, AIRAC was shwon in "Active Nav Data Base". I made a screenshot how it looks to me and it works. Maybe this could help you ! Kind regards, Matthias
  4. Good morning, I've got the same problem. Installed is AIRAC 1809 and I'm using the Navigraph FMS Data Manager. I've tried to do a flight from Frankfurt to Berlin-Tegel. FROM/TO Page EDDF/EDDT Than apperas in the MCDU the message NOT IN DATABASE Thanks for your help ! Kind Regars, Matthias
  5. Now I've re-installed Win10, P3DV4,...... And it works. ASUpdater, Cold&Dark State,... So this topic can be closed for further replies. Thanks for your help ! Kind Regards, Matthias
  6. @mopperle Otto, thanks for the new informations. I've got some other Software on my Computer which is not working correctly, so it will be easier to reinstall Windows 10. And then create a user account without any special letters (ä.ö,ü,ß,...). When it's finished, I'll continue reporting. Thanks for your help so far ! Kind Regards, Matthias
  7. Alles klar, Vielen Lieben Dank schon mal vorab ! Falls weitere Screenshots benötigt werden, bitte melden ! Alright. Thanks very much. Please let me know if you need further screenshots ! Kind Regards, Matthias
  8. And here are the other Screenshots bei opening ASUpdater:
  9. Good evening ! @Fragged^2 I've installed it now not in the P3D main Folder. But I've got still the same Problems. The only Problem I could solved is setting the aircraft to cold and dark state with opening the MCDU3. I've still the message that the file for Terrain on ND is missing, I can't run the ASUpdater. And instead of the airac cycle info in the MCDU (like Cycle 1809) there still is shown '0'. Maybe it is a problem that in my Windows User Name apperas the Letter 'ü'. The file ordner normally is shown like Matthias Küper or Matthias K?per. But the ordner with the files from A320/321 is Matthias Küper. I've got two SSD in my Computer; one (C) with the running system (Win10) and two (D) with P3DV4. Kind Regards, Matthias
  10. Ok, thanks. I'll try it tomorrow again and will report. I don't know if it is important but I've installed only the A320/321; NOT the A318/319. But thanks for your help so far ! Kind Regards, Matthias
  11. First, I've installed it into the aerosoft folder, not on the P3D folder. I've noticed my mistake and reinstalled it in the correct P3D Folder.
  12. I didn't installed any Antivirus Software on the Computer where P3DV4.3 is running. As System Windows 10 is installed. I've installed the A320/321 as an administrator. Kind Regards, Matthias
  13. Good evening ! I've installed the A320/321 as an administrator. I'll report here from some problems and i don't know how to solve it. When loading the Plane in P3DV4.3, there appers a message window: The file for Terrain on ND wasn't found. On the MCDU, i can't select an AIRAC Circle (There is only shwon '-'; in FSX there was shown it like AIRAC1709 or Cycle 1709). ON the MCDU, there doesn't appear something like Aircraft Settings, so i can't select for e.g. the Cold&Dark State. I can't run (even as an administrator) the AS Updater (not shown in the start menu, only via Documents-Aerosoft-General-... I hope that you may help me with these Problems. Thanks for your help ! Kind regards, Matthias
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