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  1. The Domux Transitions 23 and 05 are standard arrivals in EDDL (please see charts) and available in every other aircrafts MCDUs but not in my CRJ Prof. MCDU/Fms
  2. Hey, Does anyone have EDDL Transitions in his FMS? E.g Dumux23 Trans. I only can find Domux2G Star! I have latest AIRAC FEB/March 21 CRJ Prof and P3Dv4.5 Greetings
  3. Hi, in the Installer I only found the version but the hint with the experimental Updates, I will give kg a try, thx
  4. Where to find, where to download the from Mr Hartmann in this forum announced updates? I´m only able to finde version 2.2.00 via updater and shop download Greetings
  5. Hi there can somebody explaine to me, how to change the landing data in the FMS (CRJ Prof.) during the approach while changing the runway? Following example: During the flight to FRA I selected the runway data for 25C. Due to wind changes the active runway in FRA during the approach was 07C. It was then not possible for me to select any 07 runway approaches in the FMS. No 07 selection in the FMS could be seen, nothing could be changed. There was only left and available a list of all possible 25 approaches. From other planes I know the procedure that a new selection overwrites the preselected. All runway approaches can be seen. Is there something special to remember in the CRJ or is it a bug? Greetings Manfred
  6. Hallo Zusammen kann mir jmd erklären wie man im Anflug auf eine Landebahn im CRJ Professional im FMS die Landebahn wechseln kann? Folgendes Bsp: Ich habe auf dem Flug nach FRA im Vorfeld die 25C eingegeben, da sich aber im Flugverlauf der Wind gedreht hat, sollte ich in FRA auf der 07C landen. Im FMS war es mir nicht möglich, auf die 07C zu wechseln, da alle 07er Landebahnen nicht mehr zur Auswahl standen. Nur die 25iger L (Y,Z) R und C waren alle wählbar. Ich kenne das von anderen Flugzeugen so, dass man einfach seinen Eintrag beliebig ändern kann, zu jeder Zeit. Gibt es hier etwas besonderes zu beachten? Grüße Manfred
  7. Hi, well the error message comes at the end directly after the window, asking for additional charts installing, which I negate! As i mentioned at first sight the airport in P3Dv4.5 seems correctly installed, so failure recognized so far! And yes I now used V1020, using the older version before I had no such error message! thx 🙂
  8. Hey, thx for the reply! Yes I installed it with admin rights! The seems to work, so far I saw no failures, but this message during the installation gives me a somehow sinking feeling?! No failure message would be better :-) For an informations I use Win10 Prof with P3Dv4.5 Greetings Manfred
  9. Knows someone this Error instllaling the latest update of EDDB? What to do?
  10. So any official suggestions or statements? Perhaps I see something wrong? It is written the Transition problem is fixed in P3Dv5! Does it include P3Dv4.5 Version as you can see above or will there be a seperate fixing? Timeline? I speciffically brought that Profesional Version not to experiance that kind of.. Without Transitions online flying is not appropriate, sorry
  11. I use the aeorsoft updater! As you can see, I have version 2.2! But no Transitions
  12. Hi there, I am using CRJ Prof Vers in P3Dv4.5 I am not able to choose Transitions out out the arrival page in the FMS. I only can select STARS! Shouldnt that be fixed in Vers at least in P3DV5? (Perhabs it is possible not in Vers 4.5 but only in Vers 5?!) Any Information? Greetings
  13. Wolfgang, good hint about the "No Auto Thrust" but I am Aware of that! 🙂 Anyway the speed control might have been a good advice! I now flew some legs DUS-FRA without a problem by looking very very carefully to the speed tape! Didnt expect it that sensitive!?! I will make some more testflights but for now I think this topic can be closed Thx guys for the support anyway!
  14. Hi A_Pilot, well, lets try to explain in a little bit more deeply! I now encountered this behavior not only on HDG turns, but even at FMS/NAV turns, both on Autopilot. While doing its turn the CRJ increases the Nose Up Stab trim from its normal green range (0.0 to about 7.0) to Max 15.0 (Buttons Auto Stab Trim/ Mach Trim are activated) This behavior is followed by a rapidly loss of altitude (stall), which can barly be compensated by maxiumum Toga Thrust. The only thing that might help, is to reduce the trim on the yoke manually. But I cant not believe this should be made by every turn manually, can it? I find the CRJ quite insteresting but with that, its not flyable for me! Greetings
  15. Hi there, The stab Trim always goes off beyond the limit to maximum if I use the HDG knob to manually intercept the ILS for example Has someone noticed that correlation between HDG in curves and Trim? Greetings Manfred
  16. This is the dark view I get in the A330 VC cockpit without using any shader or stuff like that! Additionally I didn´t change any light settings in P3Dv4.5. Its just the dark thing after installing.
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