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  1. I will try, really time consuming to try every setting and program apart, and restarting a lot of time.
  2. I have SImstarter NG and bought EZDOK V3 the other day. Since then Sometimes P3D CTD and EZDOK V3 sometimes connects, and sometimes it doesnt (although it is to be seen active in the task manager) Is it possible that Simstarter NG does something to EZDOK, may with Simconnect?
  3. Ah, I will try. I thought the lines were only selected AFTER a checkmark was set. It works as you suggested , thanks.
  4. Hello, Suppose I have a scenery set named NL2000 with only NL2000 and standard P3D scenery activated. When I now add another scenery in P3D (installation outside SS) I then find the new scenery in ALL the scenery sets I made. Is that normal? As a result I have to deactivate this new scenery in all my scenery sets. My second question is : is there a way to select multiple lines in an scenery set (I can select with Shift) and then mark them all at once? I can multiselect but only can mark one line at a time. (I looked in the manual but cannot not find ans
  5. Problem is solved, it was a font problem. Reinstalled the, eh.. what was it, Quartz.ttf i believe and it now works.
  6. Hi Shaun, I just read your message. I think it got in my hotmail spam box and was deleted automatically. Could you send it again? Regards Rene mdamstel@hotmail.com PS Reinstalled today, and the qaurtz font now appears in de font dir, and the calc works! Thanks anyway!
  7. I have the same problem, could you also send me the font? Regards, Rene Feijen mdamstel@hotmail.com
  8. I have the same problem, CONN does not come on, I have a registered FSUIPC v 3.53, when I press MODE is see a very short white flash on the calculator display and that's it.
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