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  1. the installer is the first one for p3d v4.5 version 1.3.0, and then I updated it with Aerosoft updater, now I saw in my account that there is a new installer version, it must be that, the livery is old, but with the one that brings the A321 from Qatar the same thing happens, attached image
  2. Hi, I see the normal cabin, only it does not bring the ipad to the left side, as I have seen in some videos on youtube
  3. Hi, Update the P3D to version v4.5 and install the A320 Pro, to version and I have seen some videos on youtube, where a screen with EFB comes, I do not know if it will be the update that I install but it does not appear to me, I would like to They will help me get it working. Regards
  4. 427/5000 Hello, update the airbus a320 pro v1.2.5.0 to the experimental update v1.2.5.1 and I realized that it does not appear, as seen in the image, the type of engine and the type of model of the airbus, when doing a flight, the plane does not follow the flight plan, even if I assign a direct, I returned to version and everything appears normal, the last experimental update gave me problems, I use the P3D v4. 4 Regards.
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