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  1. Given that they have said that they are filled based on order date, I don't think a small retailer like them got stock ahead of places like Scan/Amazon etc., but that this was an order due to be delivered in say December last year that has just been fulfilled. So rather than getting some early, they're just really late and it looks like it was early.
  2. An update to this, I have just seen it tick over to deliver on Tuesday the 1st of June, as it has just been scanned (again) at Stanford hub. Others in the UK may now have similar updates. I'd like to ask again if there is going to be a possibility in the future to request other couriers for shipments, because UPS' performance with both the deliveries I have had has been, poor, to put it mildly.
  3. I am in much the same boat as yourself, it arrived at Stanford last night, and then three hours later an exception was added meaning a delay of one business day according to UPS. This means that, realistically, we are not getting this before Tuesday. They couldn't couldn't give myself a confirmed day for delivery and it is yet to move. For me, the website still says delivery by 9pm yesterday, for my friend who has a delivery from the same batch says delivery by 9pm today, and for yourself they wont give one. My frustration isn't at AS, their support has been excellent but it is towards UPS who managed to lose my package again, in the same place, for five days, and now who can't seem to tell me when it will be delivered. In future, would it be possible to elect a different company for imports to the UK because I simply do not trust UPS to do a good job of it, and would happily pay more for someone like DPD who have not got a track record of losing my items.
  4. Hello Mathijs, I hope none of it was taken as annoyance towards yourselves at Aerosoft, it is more just confusion (and probably when over, amusement), at how UPS seems to have inconsistencies between multiple different packages from the same dispatch from yourselves. Specifically towards UPS, this is sadly not the first time I have seen this kind of nonsense.
  5. Interesting. My package also got an update with the same time stamp but is simply "On The Way", it seems to forced to a lower level of detail tracking. It also says it was due today, so it could be in some level of chaos there, but perhaps we will see these arrive tomorrow.
  6. That is unfortunate that it is the same problem that happened in April. If people have already contated you do you need them to send a second email to the info@ address? Also, I had the same problem with the Alpha back in April, would you like that tracking number also (even though it eventually got delivered after a weeks delay), so they can try and figure out what went wrong twice?
  7. I shall await with baited breath! Hopefully we get some more solid date, and even more hopeful it is tomorrow!
  8. I too am eager to get an update, as this morning it changed to say delivery by end of today, yet it just got scanned at 10am still in Herne-Boernig in Germany, so I somehow don't think that estimate is accurate.
  9. I am in that same boat, and I phoned UPS last night and they told me that it was last scanned five days ago and they don't know where it is now. Your best bet will be to contact AS support as the shipper needs to start investigations with UPS to find out what is going on.
  10. Hello Marius, hope you had a good time off. I certainly don't envy the fires you are needing to put out. Are you able to look into UPS orders going to the UK, as there seems to be some issues regarding those getting here without being lost in the system. Myself and two others have seperate orders, all left yourselves on the same day, however one is getting delivered today and two others are not even being given a location as to where they currently are or a date for delivery. I have already sent a ticket in regarding my specific order, but as I can see it's not just happening to myself it could be affecting others.
  11. I think you perhaps misunderstood me, let me try and clarify; Firstly, Amazon and Scan are not the only retailers in the UK that have been having the Bravos "For Sale" (Quotes because of aforementioned lack of stock in general, but For Sale will simply mean listed on their website for now, i.e. you could buy it if stock existed) Secondly, as I believe someone else mentioned there is rumours of a third party middle man being involved, and I have seen the webpage for such a distributor in the UK, though I do not know if this is the only one, or even the primary one. There is a link somewhere in this thread but I would need to dig it up, if you want me to I will edit this post with said link. Thirdly, Amazon may not be selling these items themselves, due to the FBA or fulfilled by Amazon scheme. In such a scheme sellers will simply send stock to a warehouse, and Amazon will handle all the logistics. What will happen in this case, is that if multiple sellers are selling the same SKU, there will only be one product listing hiding multiple sellers. We do not have the information of how many were involved that we could see. Fourthly, despite AS being the main distributor for Europe for the Honeycomb gear, there may be other secondary distributors for other European countries involved that get a slice of the container stock pie when it arrives, again we do not know if this is the case or not, or if it is how many are involved, but seems a logical possibility. Finally, if we accept that between AS and consumers (if you don't order from them directly), there is at least one distribution agreement/contract which seems perfectly sensible to me, then the details of that may stipulate the order and share each agreement gets including AS. It could be that it is based on a portion of every container that arrives, or that no distributor orders are filled until AS own orders go below a certain value, then the rest divided up from there. Both of these models will have been agreed on long before now, not factoring in the shortage and demand happening at the same time. My main point, however, was the emphasise that asking questions politely is fine, there is enough going on for some eyebrow raising I will admit, but that we shouldn't attribute malice where there likely is none, and that us regular consumers are almost never going to be privvy to the details of various contracts and agreements that AS have, and we need to be at peace with that. My main belief as to why there is no malice on AS part involved, is that a companies reputation, both to consumers and other business partners, is far more valuable than the money trying to cheat them is worth.
  12. Before things get out of hand and we end up back in conspiracy town, I just want to add that I don't believe AS would choose to not fulfill orders to distributors over customers. It is likely a case that Amazon, Scan, etc. are supplied by the same distributor who deals with AS, and there is some agreement in place that dictates what share of items that arrive they get based on order volumes and so on. We're not going to be told the details of that agreeement, or even if it exists or if any others exist. This is just guess work based on my knowledge of how our company deals with B2B transactions. Distributors will make up a lot more revenue than customers in a lot of cases as they can reach more people, so there may not be as much incentive as you imply.
  13. Myself and some friends who ordered from AS directly in January got invoices for the Bravos through yesterday, so I suspect a shipment has arrived at their warehouse and it is being processed.
  14. Regarding Option 4... Did you actually email support and ask if a refund of payment, to then pay later was an option? If so please provide the proof in some form, you attitude would indicate otherwise but I would like to be proven wrong. Don't lambast customer service for not giving information that they may also not have had. As I mentioned in a previous post, at my work we sell to ourselves and even then we can't get a 100% reliable supply chain, shipments cancelled with minimal notice causing us to scramble on what to do now as we didn't get items we were expecting. People are going to be unhappy with the long wait times and uncertainty of the whole process, and I think a lot of people recognise and respect that, your attitude however seems to have crossed the line and gone too far by placing malice and ill intent on people who have taken no actions to warrant this. Personally, I've found their customer service quite agreeable. It may not be the most immediate replies you could get, but the replies you do get are often factual and helpful, and I would rather wait a little longer for a detailed correct answer, then what amounts to a shoulder shrug.
  15. I think you're clutching at straws there. Yes, whilst there is an incentive to keeping shipping costs low, there is a bigger incentive to sell product and bring in that revenue. It may well be that AS genuinely do not know when they'll get a shipment, because they are waiting on someone else who isn't telling them the full story. Implying AS are not wanting to move product when they unpacked, sorted, and shipped an entire containers worth of units in 48 hours is a bit disingenuous.
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