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  1. Really? I have read through all the threads and very few comments on the FMS being the main cause of crashes and you will find that a lot of people have reported similar after I posted this and previous to this, no one has posted anything as detailed as what I have found regarding DIR INTC. And looking through your own posts you have not even mentioned anything about them as such or to even contribute anything of use regaarding the FMS. SSU
  2. Without going into the program itself, off top of my head there is a yellow caution warning on one of the displays if it is not turned on. Turn the yaw dampers on and the message goes away. Its not on the PFD, I think its on the EICAS dispaly on the central instrument panel.
  3. I had this problem when I first got the CRJ. Solved the problem by turning on the Yaw dampers after I got round to reading the manual. If you can not enable autopilot, check the displays and there will be a warning message to tell you that the yaw dampers are not switched on, that should confirm the above to what the problem may be.
  4. 58 views so far and nobody else reporting they have same issue's. This post can be read now that it is only me with this issue. Without an overall picture forming, it makes it hard for developers to find and fix issues to remove bugs etc leading to CTD's which means the flaws in CRJ could take a long time to sort out with users only slowly coming forward with issues. And if it does not happen, CRJ will never be the excellent program that it should be.
  5. Since about first week of December, I have hardly bothered with using the CRJ as I am fed up of all the CTD's that completely ruin it. But, all the CTD's usually happen when I am using the FMS. When using the FMS, I tread warily and minimize its use. One of the things I watch out for is, if I press an LSK or an RSK and nothing happens, or something unexpected happens, then, I do not repeat what I did or press any other key as it can result in an CTD. I find it better to change the page on the FMS and do something else with it, then go back to what I was doing and that stops a possible CTD. One of the things, I have noted in the past and experimented with yesterday is the "DIR INTC" page. If I click on any of the LSK or RSK keys numbered 2-6, its an instant CTD which tells me that when pressed, they look for something as they have been programmed to do so despite no option or menu next to the key. Also any page on the FMS, that has a LSK or RSK with no menu/option to its left or right may cause a CTD, but if it does not, a few clicks on other keys and go back to it will CTD. If a simple plan is put into the FMS, and then go into the "DIR INTC" page, once again all the keys previously mentioned will CTD, except LSK 2 and despite no option next to it, will create a message "Not Found", so it stands to reason it is looking for something in the programming despite nothing showing in the space next to the key as to what it should be doing if you press it. It seems to be, the "keys" are not deactivated in the programming to not do anything if no option exists for them but there is something in the programming that does tell them to do something but is not complete which then causes a CTD. The LSK's seem to cause most CTD's overall. I somehow have a feeling, that this issue, effects a lot of other users but blame it on something else in the FMS when in fact, its down to an issue of programming of the LSK and RSK keys doing their own thing. Hope all this makes sense WIN 10 FSX CRJ 1.030
  6. This problem has been resolved in some other thread somewhere in the past week or two.
  7. And all your instruments also have the same issue as dave too.
  8. I get same problems with LNAV and can ruin a flight, most of the time I shadow the route with HDG mode ready to switch to that if the CRJ starts to veer off route. Out of curiosity I sometimes just leave it veer off to see if there is any logic to what is happening and most of the time the CRJ just keeps flying off on a tangent, but one flight, it went off route on a 90 degree angle for about 5 minutes, then banked left to fly back to the route in the direction I had just flown and then banked 90 degrees again to join the route as if nothing had happened. This week, a flight went totally wrong and the CRJ went off route, when I fathomed out what was happening, it had somehow selected the departure airport as my next waypoint despite being about 400 miles away from it and many other waypoints in between the point of departure. I could find no reason in the flighplan as to why it should have done that. Sometimes I think there is some logic or coding in the FMS that is confusing it as if there is some hidden modes etc which somehow get activated. Even programming the FMS can be hit and miss, when inputting a route, a waypoint can show up as not found or not in database and then eventually accept it after a few tries, but if I enter it into the LEGs page as a workaround, it accepts it everytime. And then sometimes, I find, when checking the flight plan, a section of the flight plan can have repeated itself which then has to be removed.
  9. Reinstalled all mouse drivers and problem still exists with tuning ADF2. But I did find out that you can change frequency by just holding the mouse over the digits and left and right clicking to increase or decrease the frequency which is easier but I see no mention of this in any of the manuals. Also I understand you can do it in the FMS if you turn the inhibit switch off which I will try tomorrow if I get chance. I get the feeling no one is reporting the same problem as no one replied to the original posting of any other alternative ways to tune the ADF and that implies to me no one has been using ADF 2 frequencies or tuning frequencies in general much or only know how to use the tuning knob and experiencing no problem so never had to look for an alternate way to help out or still like me, learning how to use the sim by slowly going through the tutorials and manuals.
  10. Tried it again, Did absolutely nothing apart for apply parking brakes and just went to the tuning unit. ADF 1 works OK and same for everything else apart for trying to tune ADF 2. The inner tuner knob will only decrease the frequency regardless of if I use the left or right mouse button or the mouse wheel. The direction the knob turns does correspond to the relevant mouse action.
  11. Tried to emulate the problem today. I could only get it to do it on ADF2, it was not affecting ADF1 or anything else. In fact if I recall, yesterday it was also doing it in ADF 2 but I think ADF1 was OK but not sure.
  12. Forgot to add:- CRJ Version: Latest Simulator: FSX OS: Windows 10 x64 Logitech Extreme3D Pro joystick
  13. I noticed yesterday and confirmed today, that there is a bug with the Radio Tuning Unit. It concerns the frequency tuning knob inner and tuning an ADF frequency. Initially it will work as normal, the knob will rotate clockwise and anticlockwise with left and right mouse clicks and also using the mouse wheel and the frequency will increase or decrease as normal and work perfectly to set a frequency. But something happens, and no matter what, once again with mouse button or the wheel, the dial will still rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, but the frequency will only decrease despite which way the knob is turning. If you go past the frequency you want, it is a long job to get back round 99 units to get back to where you want to be. The outer works with no problems and the inner also works OK for NAV and COM frequencie, its just affecting ADF frequencies for some strange reason. Ideally I could do with a way of typing the frequency in as a workaround but not had chance to check if I can.
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