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  1. Ja, dass hatte ich gestern auch schon so gemacht, nachdem ich den Beitrag hier verfasst habe. Ich konnte die Landebahnen in den .txt-Datein von PMDG hinzufügen. War nur etwas zeitaufwendig, die richtigen Koordinaten zu bekommen und hinzuzufügen. Ich hatte halt auf eine schnellere Lösung gehofft. Danke trotzdem für die Antwort!
  2. Hallo, ich habe kürzlich Berlin Brandenburg für P3D erworben und würde gerne wissen, wie ich die im Handbuch und auch in den Charts mitgelieferten Informationen so in das FMC eingeben kann, dass ich auf der 7R & 25L eine ILS Landung durchführen kann? Diese beiden Landebahnen sind (verständlicherweise) nicht in der Datenbank des AIRAC. Reicht es aus, wenn ich einfach in meinem Flugplan EDDB für den Zielflughafen angebe, ohne die oben genannnten Landebahnen auswählen zu können, und dann den Kurs und die Frequenzen für den ILS Anflug in der PMDG 737 eingebe??? Wie komme ich dann vom letzten Star Waypoint zur 7R oder 25L? Kann ich die Landebahn im FMC manuell hinzufügen oder wie muss ich das machen? Vielen Dank!
  3. Is it enough to install the "client installer" of P3D v4.2 for the new busses? (updating from v4.1 to v4.2)
  4. How comes, that PMDG is going to implement the Navigraph (first) and NavDataPro (later) charts into their ENB of the upcoming 747-8, 777 & 737NG3? What do they have, that Aerosoft doesn´t? At least PMDG claimed so. Does it mean, that Lufthansa has offered geo referenced charts to PMDG already?
  5. I think there are generally awesome products coming to us Simmers. PMDG is going to launch a new 747-8 & 737NG3 incl. ENB (Navigraph & NavDataPro Charts) as well as a bunch other awesome features any time soon. The A320 & A330 is going to be amazing too. I do love both. I like to fly as realistic as possible, so I can fly a route and pick the same aircraft (Airbus or Boeing) that the real airline would fly on that particular route as well.
  6. [When will they be released? Next week? The A330 (32 and 64 bit versions) will be next, early next year, the 32 bit A318/A319/A320/A321 after that.] I think this part needs to be updated to "The A330 (32 and 64 bit versions) will be next, early in this year, the 32 bit A318/A319/A320/A321 after that." It´s been written in 2017 and we´ve got 2018 already. A general A330 question. I saw that pilots in an A380 can switch on an airport map for the taxi to either the runway or to the terminal. Is this possible in an A330 too?
  7. I did make sure and it looks absolutely amazing on my GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Wow, I am truly impressed by your hard work Aerosoft
  8. It would be nice if we could somehow communicate with the tower requesting take-off and landing without using an add on or if we could hear the pilot/co-pilot talking to the tower at least. That would increase the realism a bit more too I think.
  9. I mean that you need to communicate with the tower, requesting take off & landing and report to the air-traffic control during flights. A more enhanced version than the old Flight Simulator X one.
  10. I'm excited and look forward to next year like so many others. However, the A330 is a long distance aircraft but to me nothing is more boring in the simulator than long distance flights and got nothing to do in the cockpit. Will there be some add ons come along with the A330? That it takes more realistic actions to fly the aircraft, for instance cummunication with the towers.
  11. May anybody answer my question please? Question no. 2: Will there be a discount or any bonus on pre-orders?
  12. This are really great news! Many people (including myself) loved the VC lights (at night) in the A320/321 Extended. If possible, could you please publish images of the A300X VC lights (at night)? *My apologies if you have been asked in one of the previous pages already. I haven't read this question yet.
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